Trabzon was established on 2nd of November by Turgutreis1453.The first residents was minemagix and ohokay. Renamed in 20 February 2019 by minemagix and sold to Rum in 2019 March.

Early History

The city was established on the 2nd of November by Turgutreis1453.

Trabzon Age (2018 nov-2019 feb)

Trebizond founded near of Trabzon by Byzantium because Byzantium threaten by Sinop's Leader Town.Trabzon Joined Turkish Republic.Claimed more chunks.Renamed to Rize by minemagix in 20 February 2019 so Trabzon Age was over.

Rize Age (2019 feb- ???)

All signs are changed due change of town's name.

Rize Sold to Rum

Ottoman Rize Age (???-...)

No one knows what happened to the Rize that Rums held.However,Baysonqor claimed Rize by the help of the Ottoman Empire.

Baysonqor restored every building in Rize.Since then he has been building all by himself to develop Rize.The houses that he made for the citizens for free helped him to gain their trust.


  • Baysonqor's house
  • Citizen houses
  • Rize(formerly Trabzon) City Hall
  • Anadolu Express(Train Station)
  • Prison
  • Rize Shop (active)
  • Port

Notable People

  • Baysonqor (Current Town Leader)
  • Belghram (Former Town Leader)
  • minemagix (former Town Builder , former Town Leader)
  • Turgutreis1453 (former Town Leader)
  • ohokay (former Town Builder)
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