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The Roman Catholic Church on EarthMC is the largest and one of the most influential religions on EarthMC with over 100 confirmed members apart of the Church and hundreds more practicing Catholics who have yet to join along with dozens of nations spanning across the globe who recognize and serve the Church.



The Roman Catholic Church on EarthMC was established on February 10th, 2020 by the first generation of Catholics who would later form the First College of Cardinals. These members were the following:

  • Angelo_Cardinali
  • Bernard_Albani
  • Alastair_Kyse
  • Louis_Raphael
  • Aleksey_Smirnov

During the early days of the Roman Catholic Church from the time period of February 10th to March 2nd, Aleksey_Smirnov served as Pope under the name of Pope Alexander IX after an unceremonious and private election among the College of Cardinals.

Following the resignation of Pope Alexander IX, Angelo_Cardinali was elected the second EMC Pope on April 11th, 2020 by the College of Cardinals during the first Papal Conclave and chose the name Benedict and therefore became Pope Benedict XVII.