The Great Republic of Rough and Ready (or just Rough and Ready) was formed after the formal secession of Lake Tahoe from the nation of California


Birth of an Idea

In the wake of Lompoc's coup d'etat of California, the exiled towns each went their own way. While SeedyCharacter (then The_Lone_Sp3rm) sought consolation from his allies in Cree and Cascadia, YodaBest suggested that SeedyCharacter create the nation of Rough and Ready.

Founding of the Nation

Almost a year later, SeedyCharacter decided that he would try his hand with a new nation. For nostalgic, financial, and political reasons, SeedyCharacter decided he would not leave California to create the nation himself. Instead, SeedyCharacter reached out to Gawker, mayor of Los Angeles, and made a deal with him. SeedyCharacter would kick all towns from the original California and change the name to RoughAndReady. He would help gawker raise enough gold to recreate California the same day to ensure that it would continue under his leadership.

The Sunset Confederacy

Vassal of Jefferson


Notable People

  • SeedyCharacter
  • ZellowIzzy
  • gawker
  • CaptnClutch7810


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