The Royal Bavarian Army (Königlich Bayerische Armee) was one of the major Army groups of the German Empire, it saw action in several wars of the Empire, such as the German-Niger War, the German Brothers War, the German Revolution, and the German Civil War. The Royal Bavarian Army was created and organized by Dr_Biochemist, the Prinz of Bavaria. At the height of its power, the Royal Bavarian Army had 3 infantry regiments, 1 cavalry regiment, and 1 artillery regiment (in joint exercise with the Armee von Schlesien).


The Royal Bavarian Army was founded in May of 2019 by the orders of Dr_Biochemist, the King of Bavaria following repeated raids on Regensburg (the capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria, a sub-realm of the German Empire). On the day of the founding, 2 infantry regiments were founded, the Infanterie-Regiment "Prinz Ruprecht von Bayern" and the Infanterie-Regiment "König Anton von Bayern". Each regiment composes of 5 men. The commander of the first regiment is Steve_theHunter and the commander of the second regiment is the King himself. The men of the regiments were drafted from other parts of the Empire (since during that time Regensburg didn't have active citizens, since it is a research center). Two weeks later the army valiantly defended Regensburg from Stitch of Deutschland (another German government at war with the German Empire). That was the first recorded battle and a success for the Royal Bavarian Army. For the weeks after that battle, there were not any major battles except for minor skirmishes. In June 2019 the King of Bavaria expanded the population of Regensburg greatly, and an extra infantry regiment, the Infanterie-Regiment "Graf von Pappenheim" was founded. It was also in that month that the reserve personnel act was passed, this act dictated that in the event of a battle during which the Empire is on the loosing side and no other Imperial Armies are in range for rescue, all online citizens will be drafted into the Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 1 von Oberpfalz. All citizens will have daily training excersises in the PVP arena of Regensburg. In July 2019, the Projekt Adler was a success, and with it, the first ever artillery regiment, the Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr. 1 von Breslau und zu Regensburg was fielded on the fields of battle alongside the infantry during the Second Battle of Fucking. The Battle was a success since the enemy did not anticipate the use of siege artillery. That was one of the last battles the Royal Bavarian Army faced since shortly after that the revolution came. Not much is known about the role of the Bavarian Army during the German Revolution, it presumably was stationed in Regensburg and defended it. During the early months of the German Civil War, the command of the Royal Bavarian Army was passed to Most_Creative_1, since the title "Kingdom of Bavaria" was abolished after the civil war began, and Dr_Biochemist abdicated the Bavarian throne. Under Most_Creative_1, the Bayerische Schwere-Reiter Regiment "Herzog von Schwaben" was formed, the regiment had 3 heavy riders with diamond armoured horses and god gear. After the civil war the Royal Bavarian Army was dissolved and its members were absorbed into either the Imperial Army of Heinikin's Germany or into other army groups of the German Empire.

List of Units

  1. Infanterie-Regiment "Prinz Ruprecht von Bayern" (fielded May 2019, dissolved in November 2019)
  2. Infanterie-Regiment "König Anton von Bayern" (fielded May 2019, dissolved in February 2020)
  3. Infanterie-Regiment "Graf von Pappenheim" (fielded June 2019, dissolved in August 2019)
  4. Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 1 von Oberpfalz (Reserve, destroyed at the Battle of Niger)
  5. Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr. 1 von Breslau und zu Regensburg (fielded July 2019, reassigned to the Schlesian Army Group in October 2019)
  6. Bayerische Schwere-Reiter Regiment "Herzog von Schwaben" (fielded July 2019, dissolved in February 2020)
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