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Russian Empire Flag.jpg
Coat of arms of the Russian Empire.png
National Information
Full Name
National Anthem «God Save the Tsar!» «Боже, Царя храни!»
Name in Towny
Motto For the Faith, the Tsar and the Fatherland!

За Веру, Царя и Отечество!

Population 👥 438

👥 967 (supernation Russia)

Chunks 3086

11924 (supernation Russia)

/n list page №2

№7 (alliance list, supernation Russia)

Capital City SpB1.png Saint Petersburg

Coat of arms of Moscow.png Moscow

Largest City SpB1.png Saint Petersburg (854 chunks and 203 players)
Oldest City SpB1.png Saint Petersburg (November 8, 2019)
Established October 26, 2020
Discord Discord of Russia
Government Information
Leader Blakeicon.png Emperor TNTBlake
Prime Minister GoulashDaddy.png Grand Knyaz GoulashDaddy
Political System Government monarchy.png Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Official Language Russie drapeau.png Russian

Englishflag.jpg English

Drapeau germanophonie.jpg German

Official Religion Russiaorthodox.png Orthodoxy;

Catholic.png Catholic

Any religion is allowed

Army Size Classified
Dominions Russia, Russian_Empire, Hunnic_Empire, Northern_Russia, South_Russia, Taymyria, Yuzhny, Asia, Joseon, Duchy_of_Finland, Rus, Wrangel, Far, West_Russia, Greater_Russia, East_Russia, Pakistan, Khabarovsk, Nenets, North_Yakutia, Astrakhan, Russian_State, Hungary, Greater-Armenia, Sakartvelo, Iceland, Kalmar_Union, Tsardom_Russia, Serbia
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders Toporkov.png Emperor Toporkov

ItzNotNeon.png Emperor ItzNotNeon
Limkid1.png Emperor Petr The First
Blackcrow1945-2.png Emperor Elgik
Bunnyrich .png Emperor _Bunnyrich_
PycckueBnepeg1.png Emperor PycckueBnepeg
Limkid1.png Emperor Limkid
L3thIcon.png Empress L3th
PycckueBnepeg1.png Emperor PycckueBnepeg
Elgik.png Emperor and Father of the Fatherland Elgik
Ggmastericon.png Emperor ggmaster_

Past Capitals

The Russian Empire (Russian: Российская империя) (Currently under Ukrainian rule) is the smallest state in Eastern Europe and smallest nation in world formed as a result of the unification of Russia and Tsarist Russia on October 25, 2020. The Russian Empire is the largest Russian-speaking state on the server. It is also the largest continental monarchy in the world: the territories controlled by it stretch from the Baltic States to Wrangel Island, from the Kola Peninsula and the Taimyr Peninsula to the Caucasus (Greater Armenia and Sakartvelo) and Transbaikalia (Asia). Russia is the guardian nation of the Russian-speaking community.

The capitals of the Russian Empire are the cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Most of the inhabitants of Russia live in St. Petersburg, Kaunas, Pavlodar, Ladoga, In other cities, no more than 10 people live in each.

For the first time, the territories of the Russian Empire were developed at the end of 2018: then small towns appeared here, which later fell. In the first half of 2019, large nations appeared in the south of Russia, which disappeared by the end of the year. At the end of 2019, the nation of Russia was created, and with it cities such as St. Petersburg, Petrograd, Yaroslavl (fell on January 13, 2021), Moskva and some other cities. At the beginning of 2020, the Tsarist Russia nation was created. For the rest of the period, up to October 25, 2020, Russia's development was based on high competition between Russia and Tsarist Russia. During this period, such players as BurntArrowMC, Elgik, Toporkov, ItzNotNeon, Limkid, PycckueBnepeg and some others made a special contribution to the development of the country and the Russian-speaking community. The unification of the countries led to a huge leap in the development of the Russian-speaking community. Until the end of 2020 (during the reign of emperors Toporkov, ItzNotNeon, Limkid and Prime Minister Elgik), major reforms were implemented in the field of public administration, economy and the army. On December 31, 2020, Elgik became the Emperor of Russia. From December 31, 2020 to March 3, 2021, Russia multiplied in territories, expanding its influence from the Panama Canal to Wrangel. On March 3, 2021, Elfik abdicated, Bunnyrich became the emperor, who was blocked in April 2021. During his reign, there was an attempt to implement the project of the Russian Federation - a supernation that united all the territories of real Russia. However, the project was later scrapped. During the period of its blocking, the country was ruled by PycckueBnepeg, Elgik, Kumtiox, UraDude, Limkid. On June 7, 2021, the country was again headed by Linkid, who is still the emperor.

The culture of Russia is incredibly rich: it was here that such a style as Petricism was born. The most famous architectural monuments of Russia are the Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Europolis, Peterhof, the Government House in St. Petersburg, Russian fortresses and churches. Russia is the center of the Russian Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. Also, there is a Russian Orthodox Church in Russia. Of the most famous dynasties in Russia, the Mephedronov and Yusupov-Rodzaevsky dynasties are based.


October 2020


On October 26, 2020, Tsar of Russia ItzNotNeon, Prime Minister of Russia Limkid and Tsar of Tsarist Russia Toporkov, head of SPQR CorruptedGreed signed an agreement under which Russia and Tsarist Russia were United into a single state — the Russian Empire. The signing of this Treaty put an end to the long-standing feud between both sides and gave an opportunity to look at Eastern Europe in a different way: a huge giant with two capitals appeared on the map: Moscow and St. Petersburg.

On October 27, the High Council of the Russian Empire, Elgik, proposed to the Senate for approval a large-scale project to reform the structure of public administration. 93.75% of senators supported the reform, 6.25% voted against it. the Reforms abolished the post of the High Council and created a Cabinet of Ministers, the post of Prime Minister and Governor, and a regional Duma was established in each region. Also, an office was created, consisting of counts who oversee the power in the districts.

From 28 to 30 October, the election of the Prime Minister was held, in which the high Council Elgik won with 90.91% of the total turnout.

November 2020

On November 1, 2020, the Russian Empire, according to the server, ranked 8th among the largest countries in the world.

November 2020 was a record for Russia - in terms of the number of active players, population, area and many other indicators. The Russian Empire became the most influential country in Eastern Europe for a month, and also took second place in the ranking of the countries included in the GRE. Russia has achieved these results thanks to the active socio-economic policy of the government and the emperors. Local self-government has begun to develop in the regions, the number of officials and businessmen has increased.

December 2020

But, by the end of November 2020, Russia had fallen into decline. Prominent statesmen and public figures, economists and urban planners believe that this happened because of the unprofitability of Tsarist Russia. Since at the time of the unification of the countries it was she who was less developed, Russia suffered huge losses in order to make both nations the same in terms of development.

Against the background of the socio-economic crisis, Toporkov abdicated the throne, handing over his imperial quota to Limkid. According to a number of historians, this happened as a result of pressure on him from the revolutionary movement and the government. In the period before his abdication on December 31, 2020, Russia joined the European Pact and expanded its borders. Thanks to the activities of the new emperor, Russia has once again returned to the international political arena. In addition, active counter-revolutionary activity was carried out during this period.

On December 31, 2020, Emperor Linkid abdicated in favor of Elgik.

January and February 2021

Having ascended to the throne, Elgik engaged in the restructuring of Moscow, the development of St. Petersburg and provincial cities. By this time, the country's budget amounted to a record 4 thousand gold.


On January 19, 2021, Elgik addressed the nation, announcing the sale of Arkhangelsk and Kingisepp.

On January 22, one of a number of events that went down in history as the "Elgikovo Purge" took place. As a result of the inspections, the Prime Minister of the Russian Empire ssazyy was dismissed. Elgik accused him of betraying Russia and working for a foreign government. According to the government, ssazyy tried to illegally sell Karelia to the leader of Finland ju2nananas. However, according to a number of opposition representatives, Elfik imitated such a situation, wanting to neutralize ssazyy in the country's politics. However, neither Elgik himself nor any other representative of the Russian government confirmed this information. Another event from these purges occurred in early December 2020. After an unsuccessful attempt at revolution by the citizens of Arkhangelsk, Elgik lost confidence in the military General Ervest. In this regard, operations were carried out to neutralize him: he was expelled from the nation, and later, as a result of a special operation, his city of Velsk passed into the possession of another player. Elgik himself admits that he led the neutralization of Ervest.


On January 25, 2021, Bunnyrich was elected Prime Minister of Russia.

The Russian Empire began expanding its borders thanks to the territorial reforms successfully carried out by Elgik. On January 26, 2021, Wrangel, Far, and Lithuania became part of Russia on the rights of autonomy. On January 29, East Russia became part of Russia. On February 4, Panama entered.

During the same period, active revolutionary sentiments begin. The first major strike took place in St. Petersburg on January 31, 2021 and was forcibly dispersed by the St. Petersburg police. In the evening of the same day, Elfik made a statement declaring the revolutionaries criminals, brought the Russian army into full combat readiness and declared the Russian Dominion an enemy of the Russian Empire. The main leaders of the revolutionary movement were Probka_C, Probka_D and Savernik. The first major battle took place in Pavlodar on February 1, 2021. Elgik and Kumtiox successfully fought off the revolutionaries for half an hour. One of the soldiers of the revolutionary movement was killed. As a result of the Civil War, which lasted the first half of February 2021, the Russian Empire declared its victory.


After an unsuccessful attempt at revolution, Russia continued to develop: the borders were expanded within the country (due to the entry into the Russian Empire of Northern Russia). At this time, the cultural development of Russia begins. A diocese is starting to work in Russia, and a separate building is allocated for it in St. Petersburg near the Summer Garden. The first ideas are emerging to create the Mariinsky Theater, develop museums and cultural institutions. So, the reconstruction of the Elgik Museum is being carried out, a local history museum appears in Pavlodar.

Relations are being established both within Russia and with other states: Persia, Japan, and European countries. Emperor Elgik pays official visits to Terra Mariana, Finland, Japan, Korea.

By the end of February 2021, Russia is experiencing another economic leap: the level of player activity has doubled, relations with countries have improved, and stores have regained popularity. Provincial cities during this period receive a lot of funding from the state budget for their needs. The budgets of St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov, When they received the most funding for this period. At the same time, cultural, industrial, military, and banking reforms are being developed, but due to the lack of competent managers on the ground, they have not been implemented. The industrial reform was the most successful: factories were built in Rostov and Kovda (concrete).

March 2021


On March 3, 2021, Elgik abdicated the throne. Bunnyrich became the Emperor of Russia.

A few days later, an agreement on the creation of the Russian Federation was signed. It became a huge supernation that united all the territories of real Russia. On the Russian side, the agreement was signed by Bunnyrich and Elgik. In addition, on March 8, Linkid returned to Russia, having been elected Prime Minister of the Russian Empire.

On March 19, 2021, the Constitution of the Russian Empire was adopted (12 of those who voted voted for, 1 against). The author of the constitution was PycckueBnepeg. The constitution approved the authorities in Russia, the symbols of the Russian Empire, as well as the role of Russia in the Russian community.

Approximately between March 17 and 19, 2021, there are reports of the blocking of the current emperor of the Russian Empire Bunnyrich. The main government body is being formed, the leadership of which is carried out by Elgik and ItzNotNeon. There are conversations with the server administration about unblocking the emperor, but the initiators receive negative answers.

April 2021

On April 8, 2021, Bunnyrich abdicates the throne. PycckueBnepeg becomes the emperor, and Elgik is appointed Prime Minister, who was forced to return to the server due to the current situation. St. Petersburg remains an uncontrolled city, there are no active residents in the city. Elgik appoints moldemort as his deputy.

On April 14, 2021, Elgik makes an official appeal to Fix with a request to unblock Bunnyrich for a short period of time so that he can transfer St. Petersburg to the right person. The appeal was ignored.


On April 17, 2021, the entire Cabinet of Ministers, except Elgik, resigns.

On the same day, a movement begins throughout the server with demands to unblock the Emperor of Russia, who has so far remained the technical leader of the nation.

As a result of the movement, the support was spammed with such images, the icons of the discord servers of the largest alliances and countries are changed to these images. The moderators state that Bunnyrich will not be unblocked.

On April 23, 2021, Kumtiox was appointed Prime Minister of Russia. On April 30, he resigns.

May 2021

On May 2, 2021, UraDude was appointed Prime Minister of the Russian Empire. During the month of his leadership of the country, UraDude developed the Federal Budget of Russia, and also engaged in raising the asset. At the end of May 2021, he resigned.

June 2021

On June 5, 2021, the Russian Empire announces its withdrawal from the Russian Federation and the abolition of the alliance.

On June 7, Limkid announces its ascension to the throne. Already on June 14, he becomes the technical head of the nation. On the same day, he announces a request to financially support the privatization of St. Petersburg, which fell on June 13, 2021. Russia takes a loan from different nation, receives great support from citizens. By June 16-17, the territories of St. Petersburg returned to the Russian Empire after its fall.


However, at this moment, the territory on which the Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood is located is occupied by Finns. As a result of the negotiations held on June 29, 2021 in Peterhof, the residence of the Russian emperor in St. Petersburg, nothing was decided. Later, the moderators removed the chunks of Finland on the territory of the cathedral, thanks to which Russia managed to occupy these territories.

For almost the entire month, Russia has been moving away from the consequences of the fall of St. Petersburg. On June 25, 2021, Limkid announced a new convocation of the Imperial Assembly and appointed Elgik Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Composition of the Imperial Assembly of the Russian Empire on June 25, 2021:

  • RussianBird (Lvov);
  • PycckueBnepeg (Moscow);
  • mr4xolotl (Pavlodar);
  • xtapodi_ (Aphrodisias);
  • Vali (Saint Petersburg);
  • SokkolG (Saint Petersburg);
  • UraDude (Saint Petersburg);
  • Elgik (Saint Petersburg, Minister of Foreign Affairs).

On June 30, 2021, the Russian Empire announces its withdrawal from GRE.

July 2021

On July 1, the Russian Empire announces the creation of the international information publication RussioVision.

On July 7, 2021, the Russian Empire begins the formation of the supernation of Russia. The Duchy of Izhevsk and Arkhangelsk were the first to join Russia. Also, Wrangel, Kazan, Southern Russia and other nations later became part of Russia. By July 30, Supernation Russia included: Russian Empire, Wrangel, Russia, Tzarist Ukraine, Arkhangelsk, Duchy of Izhevsk, South Russia, Kazan, Earth (nation), Northern Russia, Sibir, Far, Taymyria.

On July 28, 2021, the Mephedrone dynasty was created. At its head stood the Emperor Limkid, along with his wife L3th. On the same day, the Russian Empire joined the International Defense Coalition.

On July 31, the Russian Empire announced an ultimatum to the Golden Federation:


After 9 months of peacetime, overcoming the crisis, joining many colonies in our supernathion, joining a large alliance, we announce an ultimatum to Java_Wolf

We demand:

1 Set the borders with the Russian Dominion, which I sent below

2 To recognize our rights in the territories of Duchy_of_Izhevsk, Arkhangelsk and Taymyria and to completely stop the attack on their cities.

And also to pay 200 gold for the damage and oppression of our colonies

We are always ready to defend our borders and colonies

Also, give freedom to the Severny nation

Glory to Russia! Glory to the Emperor!

We give you a day to think, otherwise a declaration of war

August and September 2021

On August 1, 2021, Russia declared war on the Golden Federation. On the same day, Pve_Neon was appointed Minister of Defense. On August 2, 2021, the International Defense Coalition entered the war on the side of Russia. On the same day, Finland declares war on the Golden Federation in support of Russia.


On August 6, South Russia announces its accession to the Russian Empire. Kirillwey has been appointed as the head of South Russia. On August 14, the Almaty nation joins Russia. On September 3, the Republic of Rus became part of Russia, leaving the Golden Federation. On September 8, Mongolia became part of Russia. On September 19, Asia and North Asia joined the supernation. On September 24, 2021, the newly formed Yuzhniy nation became part of Russia.

On August 23, Saint Elgik announces the creation of the Yusupov-Rodzaevsky dynasty. The dynasty included two brothers and a sister: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Grand Duke of St. Elgik, the wife of the Russian Emperor L3, the Russian nobleman Pikkuebnepeg.

A special leap in the development of the economy occurred from August 30 to September 31. During this period, the number of cities of the Russian Empire was 33. The activity of the players was about 17 people a day, which was a record for 2021. Already on September 25, Russia took the 11th position in the ranking of the largest server countries.

On September 26, 2021, Russia declared victory over the Golden Federation.

In parallel with this, there is an active development of civil society in Russia. So, on September 10, the new composition of the Imperial Assembly was approved, and already on September 15, it adopted the first bill "On the possibility of limiting vassal nations or autonomies on the territory of the supernation of Russia". On September 19, the Russian Voice program was launched, the purpose of which is to identify and support civil initiatives.

Composition of the Imperial Assembly of the Russian Empire on September 10, 2021:

  • moldemort__ (Volkhov);
  • kirillwey (Volgograd);
  • _Maplex (PotatoCity);
  • PycckueBnepeg (Moscow);
  • Makuferis (Kaunas);
  • lorraiz (Turk island);
  • Goulashdaddy (Bering_Island);
  • aparanoidbw (Almaty);
  • Arkbomb (Earth);
  • Domovyk (Kyiv);
  • ZENNING (Svetlograd);
  • Le_Stalin (West Russia);
  • losing_dog (West Russia);
  • Felixxy1 (West Russia);
  • MaxProvy (Taymyria);
  • Bladen2k (Smolensk);
  • Elgik (Saint Petersburg);
  • Neon (Saint Petersburg).

October 2021

In October 2021, the Russian Empire actively continued its territorial policy. So, Hungary joined it on October 14, Khabarovsk joined it on October 23.

A special heat in foreign policy occurred after joining Russia. Hungary was founded on October 13, 2021, with its capital in Székelyudvarhely, headed by Goulashdaddy, a well-known Russian official who previously headed a city in the Far East. Hungary is located in the territories that were tacitly declared the territories of Greater Romania and the Great Roman Empire. Of course, the founders did not assume this.

The position of Great Romania and the Great Roman Empire became aggressive towards the young Hungary. Both nations reacted aggressively to the creation of a new state, in connection with which Romania staged claimblocks against Hungary, closing its cities from the west and east. However, an even bigger scandal was caused by an ambiguous reaction from the moderators. The case of Hungary was taken up by TurkDarthJoker, who is known for his high status in the GRE hierarchy. In this connection, the ticket was delayed for the maximum period and has not yet solved this problem.

Also, the Russian Empire included the city of Suur-Helsinki, which is one of the most ancient and significant cities in Finland. The city became part of Russia because of the turmoil that arose in the country. Also, in October of this year, Russia regained Crimea. For a long time there were disputes in the international community about the ownership of the peninsula, but in the end, the Russian Empire, with its decisive actions, regained the Crimean peninsula. The city of Sevastopol was created on the territory of Crimea.

February 2022

On February 2, 2022, the former Emperor of Russia Elgik announces his return.

Already on February 5, he announces the first personnel appointments: Swrhitzy was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, and SokkolG was his deputy. A little later, on February 7, Elgik approves the new composition of the Imperial Assembly:

  • Yarikslav (Donbass);
  • moldemort_ (Sevastopol);
  • TessSeymour (Cherepovets);
  • SokkolG (Bretislavl);
  • Felixxy1 (Laenteglos);
  • KaiserKaneuss (Crete);
  • _Ne_Neon_ (Laenteglos);
  • ZapdosGuy29 (Vologda).

On February 13 , Kievan Rus became part of Russia.

On February 14, Elgik stated in his speech that Russia will fight True Russia to the bitter end and will not back down for anything. By this time, the first attempt at high-level negotiations had already been carried out, however, according to Elgik, «They passed absolutely without respect and were more like a circus than negotiations».

On February 17, Yllalen was appointed Envoy of the Emperor of Russia to Asia and the Far East. From that moment, the process of Russia's return to Asia began. Russia also became one of the first nations to recognize the independence of a united France under the rule of King CorbeauNoiraud. In response, on the night of March 4-5, France recognized Russia's rights to all Russian territories and Russian culture.


On February 27, KaiserProgrammss was appointed to the post of Minister of Economy and Finance.

March 2022


At the beginning of March (March 3 and 6), two nations joined Russia - the Joseon and the Grand Duchy of Finland. Thus, Elgik returned to the territorial policy that was before: the expansion of Russia and its mastery over the territories of real Russia. On the same dates, Russia established patronage over Russian Alaska, but after a few hours the agreement was abolished by both sides.

On March 12, 2022, the Emperor of Russia PycckueBnepeg abdicated in favor of his elder brother Elgik. As a result, Elgik became the rightful ruler of the entire supernation of Russia.

Already at the beginning of his reign, Elgik returned Russia to the northern region, restoring Pavlodar. Under his leadership, the restoration of ice roads across the country began, mayors began to receive financial support. At the end of March, the St. Petersburg Arms Factory was opened, the capacity of which allows to produce hundreds of potions, armor, weapons and tools, as well as construction materials. In addition, Elgik started supporting entrepreneurship: the first private farmers, miners and builders appeared in the cities. Under the leadership of Elgik and Defense Minister Le Bebra, a full-scale offensive of Russian troops began.


On March 16, 2022, Japan declared war on Russia because of its territorial policy in Korea.

On March 21, the Grand Knyaz GoulashDaddy was elected to the post of Prime Minister of Russia with 51.85% of the votes.

During this period, the Hunnic Empire, Greater Armenia and Sakartvelo joined Russia.

On March 29, a historical record of online players was set. On that day, there were 32 residents of Russia on the server, which was 1/4 of the total number of players who were on the server at that time. Later, on April 22, the level of 27 online players was recorded.


April 2022

On April 3, the coronation of Elgik took place during which he was crowned as the Emperor and Autocrat of All-Russia, which secured for him a ruling role throughout Russia. On the same day, the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Russia was changed.

On April 6, 2022, Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky died, which caused a three-day mourning period to be declared in Russia, and Peterhof Street was renamed Zhirinovsky Street.

On April 9, the nation of Rus became part of Russia. On April 14, Iceland joined Russia. On April 22, the Kalmar Union nation became part of Russia.

This period in Russia is considered the best in its history: St. Petersburg ranks first in the list of cities in the world, Russia is the second nation in the list of countries in the world, the super nation of Russia becomes the largest super nation in the world. In fact, by this time Russia had become the most powerful super nation in Europe, whose territories begin in Iceland and Hungary and end in Korea and Kamchatka. The largest towns of the country are St. Petersburg, Reykjavik, Pavlodar, Ladoga, Moscow, Kaunas.

By May 9, Russia had become the largest supernation in the world, the largest nation, and Saint Petersburg had long been the largest city in the world. Russia is becoming the most powerful country in Eurasia, it is one of the most influential countries in the Christian world and one of the richest countries. Russia controls territories from Iceland to the Far East, from the Kola Peninsula to Africa, and its multinational composition determines enormous patriotism and development in all directions. On May 9, 2022, Emperor Elgik transfers the throne in favor of ggmaster and declares him his illegitimate son from a Pavlodar peasant woman. Ggmaster assigns him the title of Father of the Fatherland and he actually becomes a national symbol of Russia, and also creates a list of the Founding Fathers and Mothers of Russia, who are declared builders of Russia:

  • His Majesty, the Tsar of Muscovy, the founder and patron saint of St. Petersburg megablocklyng
  • His Majesty, the Tsar of Muscovy BurntArrowMC
  • His Majesty, the Tsar of Muscovy and First Emperor of Russia ItzNotNeon
  • His Majesty, the Tzar of Tzarist Russia and First Emperor of Russia Toporkov-Kraznov
  • His Majesty, the Second and Fourth Emperor of Russia, the great Husband and Brother of Russia, the patron saint of Siberia Limkid
  • His Majesty, the patron saint of Russia, the founder of Pavlodar, the author of the statehood of Russia, the first Prime Minister of Russia, the third and sixth Emperor and Autocrat of Russia, the Father of the Fatherland Elgik
  • Her Majesty, Empress of Russia, Queen and Founder of Wrangel, great sister and wife, Mother of Russia L3th


  • His Majesty, the Fifth Emperor and Autocrat of Russia, patron of Moscow and Son of Russia PycckueBnepeg

After the abdication of Elgik, Ggmaster, his eldest son, became Emperor. Ggmaster did not pursue an active policy, however, Serbia was annexed during his reign and the development of the North began due to the accession of Tsardom Russia.

On June 23, 2022, Ggmaster abdicated in favor of his younger brother Blake Yusupov-Rodzaevsky. This was announced by Father of the Fatherland Elgik, who crowned Blake Yusupov-Rodzaevsky as Emperor and Autocrat of the All-Russian in the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of St. Petersburg. He also married his son to Fensh von Cloud, after which the von Cloud dynasty became the ruling dynasty.



Russia is a fairly developed country in the field of transport. The state has a metro system, aboveground ice trails, trails, and cobblestone roads. The construction of transport branches in Russian Empire is handled by the Ministry of construction and transport.


CTM Map.png


The first station of the Russian metro was the station in Saint Petersburg. It became the Terminus of the bright red branch of the CTM metro. The construction of this station made it possible to connect Saint Petersburg with the cities of Terra_mariana, Finland, Poland and many others. Of course, at that time it was a real transport progress for St. Petersburg: the lack of full-fledged roads, and even more so, ice trails, created problems with establishing relations with Russia's allies. The station in Saint Petersburg still exists, but it is not as popular as before. In addition, there is an unfinished extension of the metro line to Pavlodar.

Metro «Yenisei»

After Elgik became Prime Minister Of Russia, the solution of transport links between Russian cities became one of the main tasks that the government faced. Francon made it clear that the cities of Russia are practically not connected by an ice route, except for some aboveground trails and trails. It was necessary to create an underground network of ice trails independent of external factors that would connect Russian cities.

Together with PycckueBnepeg, who took up the post of Minister of construction and transport in the new government, Elgik developed a plan for the construction of a single Russian metro. The first cities that were connected by the highway were Saint Petersburg and Pavlodar. The connection of these cities was quite understandable: Pavlodar was one of the largest cities in Russia, which is why often Pavlodar residents bought mobs or other items that can be transported exclusively on the highway in St. Petersburg. However, the development of the ice route did not stop: in the next two weeks, routes were laid to Volzhsk, Yaroslavl, Moscow and Novgorod. Over the next two months, Ladoga, Winterhur and Velsk were also added to the ice route.

It is also worth noting that this ice route is connected to the Finnish ice route. Thus, you can get to some cities in Finland from Russian cities. The agreement on cooperation in the transport industry between Russia and Finland was signed during the meeting of the governments of Russian Empire and Finland in St. Petersburg in June 2020.

Aboveground ice road

On the territory of Russia, there are three ice tracks that are repaired monthly and their condition is monitored. Ice trails mainly connect Saint Petersburg with remote cities: Winterhur, Vologda and empty territories. Also, these routes lead to foreign countries. The tracks are located at different heights, which creates some discomfort in their use, but due to this, there is no full-fledged traffic, which allows you to avoid traffic jams.

Roads and trails

On the territory of Russia there are a large number of trails that are not controlled by Russia and several cobblestone roads. The most famous is the water path that connects the cities in Donetsk to Moscow for transit to the ice path.



The agricultural sector in the Russian Empire mainly consists of farms, which are located in almost every city in the country. Russians actively grow almost all types of plants: wheat, potatoes, carrots, bamboo, sugar cane, watermelons and pumpkins. These products are not only food, but also actively used in trade: a large number of stores are filled with food. Thanks to this, there is no hunger in Russia. Fields in Russia are either on the surface or underground: under St. Petersburg, Ladoga, Petrograd and other cities there are huge reserves of wheat, carrots, potatoes and watermelons. In Volzhsk, Pavlodar, Vologda and many other cities, fields are built to match the landscape and seem to be natural structures.

Animal husbandry in the Russian Empire is no less developed than the cultivation of crops. Mostly, in large cities there are chickens, cows, and sheep. Sometimes there are pigs in cities.


Industry in the Russian Empire is not as well developed as agriculture. The largest enterprises are associated with the production of building materials and food. They are concentrated in Saint Petersburg and Petrograd. There are also factories near Moscow, Pavlodar, Volgograd and other cities. They are smaller in scale.


The largest store in Russia is Euro Polis, located in Petrograd. However, trade is also developed in other cities: in Pavlodar, Volzhsk, Ponsacco, Moscow, Kiev, Kalgalaksha there are small shops. The Ministry of trade plans to build a Large Gostiny Dvor In St. Petersburg and GUM in Moscow in the coming months to expand the budget and develop trade in General.


The army of the Russian Empire is one of the largest in its composition and has a large mobilization resource: about 35 people. For greater convenience of the army's leadership, it is divided into two regiments: one consists of English-speaking players, the other of Russian-speaking players. The Russian army is subordinate to the Tsars and the Prime Minister. The army is led by the Minister of defense.


List of towns in Russia
Town Mayor Population Region
Saint Petersburg Elgik 202 Russia
Moscow Notifey 36
Pavlodar ggmaster_ 117
Ladoga 50
Kola 43
Vologda 2
Vladimir 2
Kaunas 1
Moskva 1
Yakaterinburg 1
Tervu 1
Kahnikostok 1
Petrozavodsk 1
Smolensk 1
Cherepovets 1
Velsk 1
Arkhangelsk 1
Tetrino 1
Chernigov 1
Lvov 1
Chornobyl 1
Madaun 1
Trade_North 1
Samara 1
Lerotown 12 Russian_Empire
Red_Moscow 1
Korokochi 2 Hunnic_Empire
Svetlograd 1 Northern_Russia
Sevastopol 6 South_Russia
Donbass 1
Lugansk 1
Skolkovo 4 Taymyria
Rogachovo 1 Yuzhny
Myxocranck 6 Asia
Olekan 4
Asia 1
SouthZerenaLake 1
Chita 1
Castigorum 1
Akrachus 1
Podgorod 1
Stinkycoochie 1
Pyongyang 10 Joseon
Suur-Helsinki 1 Duchy_of_Finland
waterside 10 Rus
Yotes 3
Anjiala_River 1
Ouisridge 5 Wrangel
anastasis 2
AncientTown 2
Ilpyrskoïe 1
Neverland 3 Far
Izhevsk 11 West_Russia
Duckland 6
GoldenMC 5
BEFOM_Kingdom 5
Hucksetia 5
Canopus 4
Syktyvkar 3
Osero 2
Udorsky 2
rds 2
Yaroslavl 2
Ufa 2
Laenteglos 1
Upsala 1
Agryz 1
Mezensky 1
Naryan_Mar 1
Ryelsk 1
Kostroma 1
New_Wadiya 1
tacz_town 1
Tolmachevo 1
Konoha 1
Dicylland 1
Yuchi_chen 1
Russia 1
Puding 1
Port_Royal 1
Adolfsburg 14 Greater_Russia
Sargats 2
TKGrater 2
Val_city 2
. 1
Surgut 1
Goulcrest 1
IteSoap322 4 East_Russia
Enshi 3
rc 2
Ormara 1 Pakistan
Zaheden 1
Primorsk 1 Khabarovsk
Nenets 13 Nenets
FreePort 4 North_Yakutia
Hotaru 4 Astrakhan
Bosnia 6 Russian_State
Budaörs 35 Hungary
Brassó 14
Székelyudvarhely 9
Crete 2
North_Fantasiym 2 Greater-Armenia
Moria 1
shatoy 1
Tbilisi 1 Sakartvelo
Reykjavik 186 Iceland
Töfrandiskel 9
New_Kildare 3
Oceania 3
Gavle 6 Kalmar_Union
Nordic 4
North_Gavle 1
Umea 1
122 122 971 27