São Sebastião (Portuguese for Saint Sebastian) is the 3rd biggest city in São Paulo state and also occupies all of São Paulo north coast. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean, in the southeastern part of the tropical zone of South America. In March 29, São Sebastião became the most populated city in South America. In April 1st São Sebastião got its 50th resident, being the 3rd americas city to reach this population mark (behind New York and Port of Spain respectively), joining a select group of 6 cities who reached max population in just 21 days. São Sebastião played a key role helping Brazil Kingdom to became a emergent state. São Sebastião also have a inter-urbanization project with São Paulo making one of few cities in the server that are physically connected.



São Sebastião was founded by PrestusHood in March 10th of 2019 but it was called Maresias. As Maresias expanded, PrestusHood changed the city name to São Sebastião to reflect the real world location better. São Sebastião joined Brazil Kingdom nation some days after its foundation.

First days

As soon as São Sebastião was established, A town center and a vertical farm was build for city needs. TwisterSelvagem also invested gold in São Sebastião to help it grow faster.

First expansion project

São Sebastião picture on firsts days after first expansion project started

After getting it first buildings done, PrestusHood started the first expansion project where it aimed to make São sebastião a more inhabitable town. It was project to build 6 house plots, a beacon pyramid, a decorative port, a inn and a lighthouse. Molotov1234 also helped on this project investing on São Sebastião. In April 2nd the project was finished and the old railway who inter-ligated São Paulo, São Sebastião and Rio de Janeiro was destroyed.

São Sebastião first expansion project preview

Brazilian Unification

After the Federation of Brazil and Kingdom of Brazil unified, São Sebastião became the nation capital before it moved to Rio de Janeiro after PrestusHood gave the mayor status to Xenomorph07. When the unification was done, Xenomorph07 gave the town back to PrestusHood witch have gave the mayor status to LucasTorni (a exiled Brazilian player in Byzantium that returned to South America) and left São Sebastião to found Trindade.


Notable People

Past Mayors


  • Porto de São Sebastião (São Sebastião's port) - Under construction
  • Ilhabela's inn
  • Ilhabela's Lighthouse


In São Paulo state:

  • 3rd most land
  • 1st most populated

In Brazil Kingdom:

  • 6th most land
  • 1nd most populated

In Brazil:

  • 18th most land
  • 1st most populated

In South America:

  • 42th most land
  • 1st most populated
(Updated in March 28)
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