São Sebastião Incident was the event that started the Second Brazilian Civil War.


Brazil and Kingdom of Brazil unified as only one nation and PrestusHood were moving his items to a embassy in Rio de Janeiro as he gave São Sebastião to Xenomorph07 one day before the incident.

The incident

PrestusHood was attacked in São Sebastião by Imperial Brazil and an ally ( PinguimArmado, TheKingSavage and _Mocc) as they knew he was in a vulnerable position, needing to travel with itens on wilds between São Sebastião and Rio de Janeiro. PrestusHood tried to fight them back unarmed but got killed 3 times by TheKingSavage. Then they raided a sugar cane farm in the city wilds, destroyed a road that inter-ligated São Sebastião and Sao Paulo and placed a tnt trap close to claimed chunks. After leaving São Sebastião, they attacked Balneario Camboriu. PinguimArmado fat-shamed Arthurkla_br and got trapped and killed by him. In jail, PinguimArmado tried to exploit a escape by spamming /suicide. TheKingSavage and _Mocc made a TNT cannon to fire against the jail, but it didn't worked out. Then PinguimArmado escaped jail by using /res spawn command and then, Imperial Brazil soldiers fled.


Next day after the incident, both sides officially declared war on each other and the Battle of Loligrado-Balneario Camboriu happened.

2 Weeks after the incident, PinguimArmado and TheKingSavage were warned by EMC Staff for Toxicity and Grief respectively.

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