SAINTLAURENT, a town positioned in southern Crimea, has been a town since the public release of Terra Nova on November 1st, 2018. Rising quickly, in late November of the same year under the alias Krasnodar, the small team of gamers became the richest town for 8 days until temporarily passed by Ottawa. (Ottawa, being a town later found of duplicating gold, eventually being forced to disband and the majority of their riches destroyed.) For over 50% of Terra Nova's existence, SAINTLAURENT has held the highest wealth record for the server, often exceeding the next highest town's value by at least 33%.


SAINTLAURENT, originally Krasnodar, was a town created by Mole_Kings primarily with the help of minecraftgandhi and bong1, but with extra assistance from MasterHamster. Krasnodar never publicized joining, and keeps its doors shut to new residents, instead only allying with friends. The town was quick to make a name for itself, establishing on the first day and having notable names inside of its walls.


While SAINTLAURENT keeps mixed reputations, early on the town was engaged in PvP, raiding, and overall rude behavior, something the town doesn't stand for any longer. Proving its dominance early, SAINTLAURENT attacked nearly 50 towns in the first two weeks, showing its teeth and keeping its ground. The raids and fighting left a reputation with those who lost in battles, often disliking SAINTLAURENT permanently.

Controversy has also been stirred over SAINTLAURENT's incredible wealth, some claiming the wealth is due to duplication or extortion. While not openly mentioned, SAINTLAURENT is often on the right side of the line with staff and keeps their doings public within the moderator team.

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