Description Edit

The SANR (South American Nether Railway) is a railroad system in the nether connecting Bogota, Narnia, Salvador, São Paulo, the Falklands and Rio de Janeiro.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The SANR was created by Wyttie on November 2nd after the Falkland War. Now that South America was at peace, Wyttie decided to make a road between Bogota and the Falklands.

South America Unification Edit

On November 3rd, Wyttie Invited Sao Paulo and Salvador to be connected to the road. the road now had 4 towns connected to it! Wyttie decided to call this network of roads the South American Nether Railway, or SANR.

North American Involvement Edit

later, The the leader of the Falklands, Heat1804 left the Falklands and became the king of Romania. Wyttie and the leader of Narnia, Mkle were good friends, so Wyttie invited him to join the SANR, and Narnia became the first North American town to join the SANR.

Rio de Janeiro joined the SANR.