On the 3 January 2019 near 22 hours European Time the town of Tripoli was disbanded for unknown reasons by Azyven (formally NoBeansPlz). This started a race between several Byzantine Senators and residents of La Plata to take what treasures they could from the city.

The first to arrive to the town were Loogath, and the unknown former owner of Tripoli. The next to arrive was God_of_Murloc, followed shortly by Voisardian. While looting the town Loogath attacked Voisardian before he logged. Afterwards he went and fought God_of_Murloc. During this little skirmish God_of_Murloc teleported home to his town.

Soon after, God_of_Murloc, Voisardian returned to Tripoli with WTDpuddles and CorruptedGreed. This was enough intimidation to discourage Loogath from attacking the Byzantines, BrentBourguignon arrived shortly after to aide in the looting of the city.

Loogath and Azyven left and the city was free to loot from the Byzantines. Later the same day, Twitchy sent governor GreenAlex449 to claim and recreate the city under Tunisia. It sat undeveloped for months until Numidia (formally Tunisia) began a reconstruction project on the town on April 14th, 2019.

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