Saiburi (Thai: ไทรบุรี;[1] RTGS: Sai Buri, meaning "City of the Banyan") is a Siamese town in the Northern Malay region.

Saiburi was formerly known as the town of Tengah which was established by Malaysia in 2018 and collapsed in 2019.


Siamese-Malaysian Border Dispute

The town was named Tengah when it was first formed. This town was apart of Malaysia and quickly expanded with population and size.

On December 3rd, Siam was formed and decided it was best to contact Malaysia regarding a border which will be used to divide the two nations and keep the two nations at a good relations with each other.

The two nations couldn't agree on a border so Siam decided to enforce their claims and created the town of Hat Yai. This enraged the Malaysian's which made them respond with a claim-block around Hat Yai using Tengah. Fluxify I went to the town with an empty inventory except having armor for protection, he was then attacked by the mayor of Tengah. Fluxify I then made an announcement stating "This is how Malaysia treats peaceful protests against them."

After The Border Dispute

Tengah continued growth in population and size, spanning over lots of chunks. It began to become inactive and eventually it collapsed, many looters came to the town, looting and destroying it which left the town in ruins for many months.

Siamese Colonization

In March 2019, Siam showed interest in annexing the Northern Malay region as Malaysia became inactive. They began slowly expanding South with individual towns over the coming months. Then in June 2019, soon after Fluxify I's abdication of the Siamese throne, he created Saiburi. He got the name from the former name of the region under Thai rule in the 1800's and briefly the 1900's in reality.

Demolition of the Ruins

Demolition began of the existing ruins, the entire town was flattened and began to rebuild. Another town, North of Saiburi was also planned to be demolished to make room for the expanding town.

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