Saint-Jérôme is a town created by Showizz, Saint-Jérôme is the second largest city in New York. The city of Saint-Jérôme was created on October 2, 2019 by Showizz and GetSmited1.



Showizz and Getsmited decided to make a city for their friends at the very beginning. He never thought he'd get as big as they are now. He decided to give the leads to Showizz. GetSmited1 decided to retire and let Showizz lead the city in the right direction. Currently, Saint-Jérome is the largest city in the Quebec region. The second largest city in the nation of New York.

War of Hawaii

One evening, Warh1 was insulted by a Hawaiian resident. GonicGaming didn't like it, so Gonic decided to go ask the Hawaiian resident for an apology following the resident's refusal, she decided to insult Quebecers and members of Saint-Jérome. Later Gonic decided to declare a war in Hawaii, which had no more to the mayor of Hawaii. New York's senior leaders did not like this war between Saint-Jérôme and their allies on the Pacific coast. Saint-Jérôme had to put an end to this war, which caused a great carnage among Hawaiian members. After that war, the mayor of Hawaii sold Hawaii to another person.



Saint-Jérôme has a lot of important construction in the city. These structures are often used by residents and visitors.These buildings are the most visited by residents and newcomers.

Town Hall

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The Mine

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The dungeon blaze

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The mill

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Notable People

  • The Mayor Showizz
  • Councillor Warh1
  • Councillor GonicGaming
  • Councillor/Builder Kiiyo
  • Councillor/Builder LeGrandjeef


The beginning of a new area

October 16, 2019


The City during the War of Hawaii

November 1, 2019


The City 1 Month after the War of Hawaii

December 13, 2019


The City Presently

December 22, 2019



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Map Legend:

Blue: Avenue des Anciens Rivages, Green: Avenue Des Emeraudes Bleus, Red: Avenue Des Archers, Orange: Avenue Des Grandes Places, Yellow: Avenue L.12.12 ,Pink: Avenue De Vinci, Brown: Avenue Des Trois-Bois, Black: Avenue D'Amandor

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