Saipan is a small island north of Indonesia. It's a small farming town with almost no trade routes because of the unfavorable geographical placement.


The town was founded by ThatOneEndre, and quickly joined the nation of Yap (now Micronesia). He developed the town to a very primitive state: houses made of full cobblestone and full oak planks, half of the island's surface was oak. There were sugarcane farms, a very small watermelon farm (which can be seen even today as a symbol of what the town once was!).

The town was growing, and so Osyriis showed up. First thing he did was to build the local church. Then he was put in charge as the Builder of the town, who replanned the whole town. Osyriis was then forwarded by ThatOneEndre as the congressman representing the town to the nation.

Due to him getting bored, ThatOneEndre left the town and left Osyriis in charge. The new mayor built a brand new town hall, remodeled the town, built new farms, and brought the first animals to the island.

To this day Osyriis prefers to keep the resident number low, as he plays with people he trusts. He keeps his trades modest and cares only for the development of his town and the nation.

Notable Buildings

The great Town Hall

It's a humble town, no grand buildings to brag about, but sometimes less is more.

  • The Town Hall
  • The Local Church

Local Church of Saipan

Notable people

  • Osyriis
  • ThatOneEndre
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