Sakha Republic is a town in Eastern Siberia that is controlled by Qing. It was founded on June 18th, 2019 by eray_2006. It was founded when eray_2006 left Ayan to form a town of his own.


Sakha Republic was founded on June 18th, 2019 a mere 2 days after eray_2006 first joined EarthMC. On the same day, Sakha joined Manchuria. Today, the Sakha Republic remains an isolated town with little communication to the outside world. Sakha is the northernmost town in the entire Qing Empire.

Joining Manchuria

For a very short time, Sakha was independent, as planned. But mere hours after founding Sakha was offered by Manchuria (now known as Qing) to join their nation. It was an offer they couldn't decline.

The Dark Ages

Everybody in the Sakha Republic became inactive following the end of June 2019, including the mayor. For most of the summertime, the Sakha Republic stayed inactive until the middle of August 2019, where the mayor, (eray_2006), logged back on, only to find everyone has abandoned the town. The mayor began an effort to revive the town. The effort failed and the Sakha Republic lay to ruin.

Important People

Sakha's most important person is eray_2006, the former mayor and founder of the town.

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