The Salish Federation is a group of semi-autonomous nations, with a Parliamentary Direct Democracy comparable to Switzerland, that occupy portions of territory in the Pacific Northwest in North America.


The nation of Salish was founded on the 10th of February, 2020, by Vorobyevite with the following towns of Wenatchee, Seattle, Schaumberg, Bend, and Winthrop. Some other towns that have joined are Colville, as well as Seattle leaving the federation and the entire nation of the Pacific Republic joining the federation as a canton.

Separation and Cascadian Backlash

On February 8, 2020, the founder of Cascadia, RangerMK01 who is no longer residing in Cascadia, stepped into Cascadian politics and announced that the next in line for President if the current president resigned would be Vice President LawOfRence of Port Angeles, to which most the government agreed to. This scenario was brought about when Estonian_Mapping suggested that he step down to help directly develop the then Province of Ontario. This caused a backlash in the Cascadian Discord, to which former senators JTPilfered, Vorobyevite, and OreoToast argued that it was not outlined in the Constitution on what was to occur, and requested a special election to be held rather than an appointment of the Vice President, by a foreign entity no less. Their respective towns gathered to form a peaceful separatist group known as the Salish Federation, which viewed Cascadia as to have fallen to a Monarchy under Ranger. When communications between Federation members was leaked, this was met with immediate backlash from the Cascadian Government, who announced these people as traitors to the state. A trial was announced to occur on 2/14/20, Valentine's Day of that year. After being kicked from the Cascadian Discord on 2/11/20, all members have refused trial. The trial was eventually canceled, as the defendants refused to show up. The first chancellor of the Salish Federation and prominent leader in the movement was Vorobyevite

Skirmishes with Washington

Members of Washington and the greater Rio Grande Federation increased tensions on February 15th, when one member of Washington threatened the town of Winthrop and the mayor, sayerbtheiss, to return to Cascadia or death. In result, the sayerbtheiss was killed after refusing to return to their previous government. Washington militants remained active in the Wenatchee afterwards until two Salish members (sayerbtheiss and JTPilfered) were caught outside claims in Paraguay in exile peacefully collecting melons and leaves, prompting an attack on them, killing them both.

On February 19, 2020, JTPilfered and BonZZil had a standoff at around 5:00 PST in the Salish Parliament Complex in Wenatchee, which almost 1/3 of was unclaimed. During the standoff, reinforcements came from both parties, which from Salish included CaptnClutch of Jefferson, and sayerbtheiss of Winthrop, the latter of which did not fight during the battle. The battle ensued which saw CaptnClutch lose his life by accidentally setting himself on fire via lava bucket. This battle has been named by some the Battle of Parliament, and that name has stuck. War was declared by Salish upon Rio Grande soon after.

Sunset Confederacy, JTPilfered's Chancellery, and Increased Inactivity

Soon after Salish declared war on Rio Grande, the Sunset Confederacy was formed which is a military alliance that encompasses large swaths of the American West Coast. The member nations include; Salish, Jefferson, California, North California, Rough and Ready, Glacier Bay, and Haida. For more information on this conflict, see Cascadian Civil War. On March 1, JTPilfered of Seattle was elected and inaugurated as the second chancellor of the Salish Federation. The first half of his term saw expansion and development, with the war going on as well. During the second half of the term Rio Grande offered a white peace agreement that would mean giving 100g to Rio Grande per nation in the Sunset Confederacy. JTPilfered, and in turn Salish, voted no on the deal. Towards the end of march many players from Salish became significantly inactive, such as most of Wenatchee, most of the Pacific Republic, and all of Seattle except for JTPilfered. This resulted in the nation bonus going down and the nation falling into a bit of a slump.

sayerbtheiss's Chancellery

On April 1st, 2020, JTPilfered announced that Seattle was leaving Salish due to the fact that the chunk bonus was declining and he wants to be able to expand. In his declaration, he said that he would come back to Salish if it got out of its decline. He also endorsed sayerbtheiss of Winthrop for the position of chancellor, and he ran unopposed and was declared as the third chancellor of the Salish Federation. He has many plans on reviving Salish and they have yet to play out.



The Head of the nation and elected by the Parliament. Works alongside Delegates as a fellow peer, and also deals with foreign policy. The Chancellor acts as a tiebreaker vote worth two if Parliament ever finds a tied vote. The current chancellor is sayerbtheiss as of April 1, 2020.


Various Delegates chosen by the Chancellor and voted on by the Parliament to help run the Federation.


The population, or Delegates is the voting body of the Salish Federation. It will vote on proposals, create laws, remove laws, remove Cabinet members, ect. Proposed items must be taken up and a vote held by the Parliament within one week, or they will fail to become law.


Each Canton of the Salish Federation will be as equals, with no nation or town over the other in terms of laws or elected officials. The Capital is shared by all Cantons, and no one nation can lay claim to it. Cantons are free to, and encouraged to establish their own constitutions, freedoms, restrictions, trade, influence, and laws so long as they do not conflict with federation-approved Salish law. The current cantons are the Salish Canton (Capital in Wenatchee), and the Pacific Canton (Capital on Mt. Rainier). The Kingdom of Haida was also a former canton of Salish during it's infant stage.


  • The Columbia River
  • Cascade Mountains
  • George Sellar Bridge
  • Salish Parliament Building
  • Mount Rainier
  • Pybus Market
  • Fossil Military Base

Chancellors of the Salish Federation

Archive of previous and acting Chancellors of the Federation.

Discord Name Dates
Vorobyevite Feb 10th - Feb 29th
JTPilfered Mar 1st - April 1st
sayerbtheiss April 1st - Present

Notable People

Some relatively important members of the nation historically or currently

  • Vorobyevite, Founder of Salish, Secretary of State, Mayor of Wenatchee, Former Chancellor
  • JTPilfered, Mayor of Seattle, Former Chancellor
  • sayerbtheiss, Mayor of Winthrop, Chancellor
  • xOreoToast, King of Haida
  • Isacle, Wenatchee Citizen, Secretary of Development
  • PizzaJon, Wenatchee Citizen
  • Blzard, Mayor of Fossil, Secretary of Defence
  • nyatsumichi, Wenatchee Citizen
  • 2knelson, Wenatchee Citizen
  • thegamingsquirrel, Founder of the Pacific Republic, Mayor of Mt. Rainier


Map of PNW EarthMC
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