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SaltedSuris is a player on EarthMC that resides in Domino, Labrador. He is the mayor of Domino and the leader of Labrador. He joined on March 10th, 2021, and he used to be part of Cascadia and Avalon. His real name is Džiugas

SaltedSuris skin.png
Profile Information
Aliases Salted
Nation Flag of labrador.png Labrador
Town Domino's Official Flag.png Domino
Towny Rank Nation Leader
Political Party Unknown
Religion Dildosdildologo.png Pissism
Discord SaltedSuris#0458
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn March 30th, 2021
Place of Spawn Siberia
Physical Information
Nationality Lithuanian
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Avalonn.png Avalon

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Towns & Nations
Acadia Flag Expanded.png Acadia
Avalonn.png Avalon
Flag of labrador.png Labrador
Avalonn.png Dildo
Domino's Official Flag.png Domino
Greater Québec
Maritime east coast alliance flag.png M.E.C.A
255px-Flag of Nova Scotia.svg.png Nova Scotia
Peepeeisland.jpg Pee Pee Island
Slave flag.jpg Slave


Before Labrador (March 10th, 2021 - August 2nd, 2021)

SaltedSuris' first days with his friends

SaltedSuris spawned in Siberia on March 30th 2021. Using the Dynmap, he traveled south to the nearest ice highway. During this journey, he invited 3 of his friends to the server. And so, SaltedSuris headed westward towards Europe and Lithuania. SaltedSuris wanted to visit Lithuania because of his real life lithuanian heritage. Eventually SaltedSuris arrived in Lithuania and waited for his friends to meet in Lithuania too.

In the meanwhile, Salted made a plan to make a nation in Antarctica with his friend's help. When all of Salted's friends were in one place, Salted said that they shall go south, to the south pole. And so, SaltedSuris began his journey by boat and traveled for hours until arriving at Palmer Paninsula (or Graham Land in the UK) and begining his first base across from Glacier_Spartan. Salted started planting crops like carrots, potatoes, wheat and bamboo. Salted shortly lost interest in this Antarctic idea along with his friends, all of them giving up on the server. In the end, only Salted and 1 other friend arrived to the base.

A town of only two chunks on the border of Antartica.

LodHeim, the town where once stood Salted's antartic base.

Time in Cascadia

SaltedSuris got bored of Antarctica, he left and, where Salted's antarctic base was located is now the town of LodHeim. He decided to join Cascadia. BigBroPro0425, the owner of Astoria invited SaltedSuris into Cascadia, where Salted worked for him and made concrete, earning 4 gold. During this time, SaltedSuris lost interest on the server due to having nothing to do. SaltedSuris would quit for a few days to only come back with a new plan.

Dabs_All_OvarYT's videos influence over SaltedSuris' future

SaltedSuris started watching EarthMC related videos on YouTube , where he discovered Dabs_All_OvarYT and his videos on EarthMc. SaltedSuris contacted Dabs and asked if he could join his town. Dabs_All_OvarYT accepted and got invited to Pee Pee Island, where SaltedSuris was given 2 plots to work with for a house. Over this time, SaltedSuris hatched plans on what to do during his time here now.

Over Night Fame

SaltedSuris finally decided to build a gunship off the coast of Avalon. SaltedSuris spent 1 hour and 30 minutes building the base of the ship. After building the base of the ship he logged off and returned back tomorrow to finish what he started. And so when he was done he dubbed the new Gunship the "SS. SKAUTAS" after his old username on Discord. When he made the ship, he informed Avalon's leaders about what he done and the leaders were surprised.