São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos 


Salvador is a city from Grão-Pará. Founded in 01/17/2019, it is one of the biggest town of the region.


Salvador's history is divided around its reborn. Unfortunately, the period before the reborn has lack of historic information.

Old Days

Salvador was a little town of Monte Pascoal, with 3 houses, a dock restaurant, a place for animals, mechanical farms and an approximately 2 chunk sized wheat field.

Fall of old Salvador 

Salvador was disbanded due to inactivity. Right after that, Cafezinhu left Aracaju to claim that land.


  • Palácio Rio Branco
  • Farol de Itapuã
  • Porto de Salvador

Notable People

  • Cafezinhu
  • TotenGamer_HD
  • SaintObvious
  • Kashemiro
  • Sou_o_A
  • TwisterSelvagem
  • Thaisy
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