São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos 


Salvador is a city from Empire of Brazil . Founded in 01/17/2020,

The old Salvador History

Salvador's history is divided around its reborn. Unfortunately, the period before the reborn has lack of historic information.

Old Days

Salvador was a little town of Monte Pascoal, with 3 houses, a dock restaurant, a place for animals, mechanical farms and an approximately 2 chunk sized wheat field.

Fall of old Salvador 

Salvador was disbanded due to inactivity. Right after that, Cafezinhu left Aracaju to claim that land.

New Salvador

Salvador was claim by RaaelPerstto, after it was abandoned by former residents, now the city is being rebuilt

Historical photographs

Palácio Rio Branco

Palácio Rio Branco

Used as the main government building, Palácio Rio Branco was the first thing built by Cafezinhu on Salvador. It is based on a real-life palace with the same name.

Salvador Seaport

Farol de Itapuã

Farol de Itapuã was one of the few lighthouses of all Americas. It was about 40 meters tall. It had 2 stairs, one to make it to the top and another that lead to a blaze XP farm. Also based on a real-life building.

Salvador Main Entrance

Salvador Seaport

We don't have much pictures of the seaport, but it was made of stone, used stairs at the entrance and had a crane.

RUANVK_ visits Salvador

The true baiano visits Salvador

Passing of Salvador's Golden Hoe from Cafezinhu to TotenGamer_HD

The only true baiano (person who is born on Bahia), the legend himself, visits Salvador to get a glance of his beloved city.

Passing of Salvador's Golden Hoe

Salvador's Golden Hoe is an award given to those who did great services to the town. It was passed from Cafezinhu to TotenGamer_HD for taking care of Salvador while Cafezinhu was making political reforms on Switzerland.

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