Samoa, also known as German Samoa (previously known as Spanish Samoa), is an oversea territory of the German Empire made of several islands in Oceania. It was founded in the 10th of September by Adaster.


Pre-Spanish Colonization

Little is known about Samoa prior to its colonization by the Spanish Empire, however, it is known that the islands around Samoa (which are now also part of it) were not inhabited prior to the colonization.

Early History & Spanish Colonization (10.9.19-10.11.19) 

After returning to EMC, Adaster and Padpai have both decided that it would be the best if Adaster would colonize Samoa under the Spanish Empire and keep Padpai as the king of New Spain.

German Colonization (10.11.19 - Present)

Two months after the nation's creation, Adaster and German Empire's Kanzer Chris82404 have reached the agreement to turn Samoa into a German colony/oversea territory. Adaster still has control over Samoa but as a governor instead of a king.


Due to the nation still being in its foundation phase, little is known about its government. For now, it is a monarchy where the governor leads the nation and each mayor is responsible for their own town.


Samoa shares it's army with their alliance Entente, however, they also have the German Empire backing them up and their own small private army to delay invasions.


Fort Dominic - The house of the king in the capital town of German Samoa - Apia. It is named after the fallen New Spain's group of Carribean islands used by the army of New Spain and owned by New Spain royal family member dylinrobenson.

Notable People

  • Governor Adaster32 - leader
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