Savoy is a nation in Europe, formerly known as Monaco, created on July 11, 2019 after being purchased from idiotKirow, being known previously as the nation of Mali. Although Monaco is an independent nation, it is officially governed by France and thus is not fully sovereign.



Humble Beginnings

The town of Monaco was first founded on the Mediterranean coast by Thaisy, a skilled builder who focused heavily on constructing the different districts of Monaco such as Fontvieille, Monaco-Ville and Monte Carlo. Under Thaisy, the town of Monaco joined France and built sights such as the Prince's Palace and Port of Fontvieille. However in April, Thaisy's computer malfunctioned and she was not able to get onto EarthMC until early June. By this time, most French thought that the town was certain to decay soon. However, the return of Thaisy under the new alias "Camialstraw" meant that Monaco avoided an early downfall and was able to recuperate from a loss of most of its citizens by recruiting new players.

Special Status as Principality within France

After Camialstraw's return, most of the town's resources were put into acquiring gold to create the nation of Monaco (now Savoy). This affair was negotiated with the Emperor of France, Optimus_Trajan, to ensure that the new nation would not cause conflict and also to guarantee Savoy's prolonged inclusion within France, meaning that it would not be a fully sovereign state and would be governed effectively just as it had been before as a town in France. Due to this agreement, Savoy retains its status as a part of Metropolitan France and all citizens of Savoy enjoy the rights and priveleges given to French citizens.


Savoy is a Principality, with the current monarch being Princess Camialstraw. As Savoy is not a sovereign state, it is still subject to the laws and ordinances imposed on it by France and the French Parliament. In addition, due to its special status as not being fully sovereign, the mayor of Monaco, Camialstraw, is given a seat in the French House of Representatives along with the mayors of all other French towns.

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