Scandinavian Television or SVT was a news organization on the EarthMC server which provided international and domestic news both within the Kalmar Union and internationally.

The organization was owned by Warwick Equity. SVT was disbanded when the leader of Warwick Equilty, ILnux left the server.


SVT was founded on December 12th, 2019 by The Warwick Dynasty. The purpose of the organization was at first to replace the Kalmar Union's official news organization Triple Crown News, and also to try and expand coverage on a more international scale. However, that never happened because SVT Rapport only published 2 episodes. However, in that time SVT planned to expand to Aktuellt but that also never happened.

The 14th of August 2020 Kanino_Pika posted a youtube video that was named "Earthmc SVT Teaser". She has not given any information about it.

SVT Nyheter

SVT Nyheter was the main news section of SVT, where the main news articles and announcements were made.

SVT Play

SVT Play was an entertainment hub where people are able to enjoy quality documentries and news.

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