Scotland Edit

Scotland is a country located in Northwestern Europe next to Britain. Scotland is the second country to be established in the British Isles which has led to great tension between Scotland and Britain. The country of Scotland is democratic and has regular elections every 6 weeks. Scotland has a parliamentary democracy with parliamentarians representing each town, voting on different issues. Scottish citizens also vote for who they'd like to be Prime Minister. The public may also vote on issues through the use of referendums.

Scotland is a peaceful country who wishes to prosper through trade and diplomacy. Scotland is open to visitors and businesses alike.

History Edit

Scotland was established on the 23rd of January 2019 by RuseOwl. Multiple settlements were founded across Scotland with the capital being originally in Dumfries. During this period Scotland was involved in great conflict with Britain as the British army attacked Scottish citizens and surrounded Scottish towns. The war is known for the Battle of Newburgh which resulted in a large number of soldiers taking part. Britain relied solely upon it's organised army meanwhile Scotland had it's unequipped militia as well as foreign allies. This continued for days with various attacks on Scottish citizens although as days went by the severity and number of attacks went down. As Scotland became more peaceful, the towns of Scotland focused more on internal growth as well as expanding. At this time the capital was moved to Aberdeen as it was an area focused on trade and foreign investment. Technically, the Scottish Revolution/British Civil War still rages on, however events are less frequent and often are shorter.

Government Edit

The Scottish Government consists of a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Governors vote on issues and laws meanwhile regular citizens are appointed to Cabinet positions to oversee certain areas of government.

The position of Prime Minister is an elected position by the public with elections being held every 6 weeks.

  • Prime Minister - Nicola_Sturgeon
  • Deputy Prime Minister - RuseOwl
  • Governors - rach1999, amberhope, Trevore, MrJimBobJr, Hexagram_, StarOfMoonz5532, EL_CHA_Cha_Cha, Arvenwarrior, Epicsurvivor21, RuseOwl, Dexter1080p, jpjthunder, SokarIsOnFire, Duckiiesaur, Septentrion, Ryacudo
  • Cabinet Members - Ryacudo, jpjthunder, vikinglegions, rach1999, MrJimBobJr, Dexter1080p

Military Edit

The Scottish currently do not have an official military but have volunteers who are ready to participate when needed.. Often they the help of allies are used as well everyday citizens and town leaders in battles.

National Subdivisions Edit

500px-Scotland 1974 Administrative Map

Map of different local regions across Scotland

Scotland is made up of several local government areas.

Strathclyde - Port Charlotte

Dumfries and Galloway - Dumfries, Stranraer

Central - Achallader, Aberfeldy

Grampian- Aberdeen

Western Isles - Fenrir

Highland - Durness, Inverness, Milton, Kelso, Orkney

Shetland - Shetland