Quebec was a nation in North America, formed in the on February 24th, 2019 by Scotland and fell in Early October 2019. Its enemies are Niger and Amazonas.


Quebec's territorial borders are defined by the Nord-du-Québec region in which the nation is based in, moderating a majority of the land for territorial gratisfaction. Quebec is a state of the Canadian Union, acting as the first member state to gain independence. Newfoundland was a semi-autonomous nation that was once a part of Quebec but is now independently owned and operated.


Quebec's history is a vivid list of concepts and ideals, separated through Europe European expansion from Scotland during the Hype Era. But since has evolved into a developing nation with a dominant presence through North America, being a key influence in East Canada.

Beginnings (02/24/2019 - 03/13/19)

Scotland began to look towards options of expansion to proceed past the Britain British during the British Civil War/ Scottish War for Independence. RuseOwl had previously ventured into northern Canada on past treks to Nunavat during the war, and vividly recalled the precious land he had wallowed in during the earlier journey. Scotland began transferring supplies over the the secluded land to begin construction of the newly found town of "Bridgeton", with roads being laid and basic amounts of new members being invited into the foreign lands to develop the newly established town. The idea of creating a physical nation was neglected, as the price had just been increased from 512g to 1024g, setting back a majority of the player-bases inspiration for loyalty. As the progression for Quebec went on, it had also gained the land of Newfoundland, owned by Aceshooter11 which worked closely with the nation, and Scotland for Quebec's nations. It had struck a deal with the Wabanaki to buy the then nation of "Florida and move it to NewFoundLand, and configure the nation spawn to Bridgeton to initiate the nation spawn.

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