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Sealand is a one-man nation located in Europe, at the East of Norwich. It consists of a platform in the sea.

Sealand was founded the 10th of February, 2020 after Prince Atilio8 managed to acquire 1024 gold, mainly from voting crates.


Sealand started as Atilio8's first town, mainly as a running joke, but after being well received by the community, the now Prince of Sealand decided to roll with it.

It was first founded in an abandoned one chunk platform in the middle of the sea, located aproximately where Rough's Tower is. This platform however had to be rebuilt entirely, as it was too squared and didn't really resemble Sealand at all.

Sealand's capital town used to be part of Britain, having joined after a few hours after being founded, but an older town of Sealand is believed to have existed at some point in history, which, according to some signs left near the city by an annonymous wanderer, used to be a Scottish town instead.


Sealand at night from Norwich's POV

The inside of Sealand's building

Sealand's museum reception room