Sealandria - town on stone platform on balic sea near to Blaskog.

Sealand coat of arms federal2
Town Information
Full Name Town of Sealandria
National Anthem ,,Glory to Rebellion"

Name in Towny Sealandria
Motto ,,God save our town Sealandria "
Established 28.12.2019
Disbanded -
Nation Kingdom of Baltic States
Population 4
Chunks 20+
Continent Europecontinent Europe
Government Information
Mayor PolishgamerytUpdate PolishGamerYT
Political System Town Democracy
Economic System Mzl.afnqvhfl Capitalism
Official Language Polish flag Polish

Englishflag English

Official Religion Catholicism
Historical Information
Past Nations Terra Mariana
Past Mayors -
Past Councillors -



Town of Sealandria has founded at 28 December 2019 by

PolishGamerYT and FrancziX but concept born 13.12.2019.

During this time it was griefied lot of time.

NIC Period

(NIC Period - Not in country Period)

Time 28.12.2019 - 01.01.2020

In this time Sealandria has been conected to CTM by Coastal_Taipan

Era of prosperity

When Sealandria joined Terra Mariana (01.01.2020) its very good in town. Arrives new residents and new buildnigs are built. Then sealandria created nation.


The Mother's land Platform

Created by anonym ,discovered by PolishGamerYT claimed 28.12.2019

The Square of Freedom

Created 10.01.2020

Place where you can sit and AFK

Shopping mall and PvP arena

Its building

will be built soonW.I.P.

EarthmcTV HQ

Its on 2 floor of SMAPA (Shopping Mall and PvP arena)

Citizent's plots

4 buildings



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