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The Second Malvinas-Falklands War was a conflict between the town Malvinas (owned by Argentina) and the town BritishFalklands (owned by Joel02). Both are located in the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic.


Before the war

Back in April 2019, Joel02 established a town in the Falkland Islands for the first proper time, however technically he had created one before, this is called West-Falklands and is currently a ghost town. Argentina, the neighbor nation which had a town at the islands from a year ago, didn't like this 'unauthorized' movement. Joel02 eventually left and handed the town to Spesco, a member of glacial_empire.

One year later, in June 22nd 2020, Joel came back to the Falklands and established a town again on the Western Island. He saw a war coming and prepared, but did not expect such 'foul play'.

On June 30th 2020, just one week after Joel's return, Argentina made a quick move and established a town back on the islands again to prevent the expansion of Joel02's settlement throughout the islands.

During the war

On July 4th, Malvinas declared war on the town British Falklands. La Plata government stated that if the conflict worsens, more soldiers, allies, and keyboard warriors would be sent to Malvinas for the sake of 'defense'.

On the 5th of July, Indochina joins the war on the British Falkland side.

On the 6th of July, Argentina decided to group together and annoy Joel02 whilst he was building houses, more precisely a coordinated plan to kill and pressure the Falklands leader, Joel02. The so-called 'concrete details' of the plan are left unknown. The engagement began between 11 pm (GMT 00:00) after some members of la Plata began harassing the leader of the British Falklands. After a series of confrontations with the British leader, the Kingdom of Indochina, and other volunteers, sent a task force over to the Islands in an effort to help Joel02. This leads to large scale battles in the unclaimed parts of the island, ending with 1 direct casualty on the Falklands side, and a few on the La Plata side. Pvp geeks intervened at a later stage and attacked anyone possible. The battle calmed down at 1am (GMT 00:00) after members of both parties began to leave the battlefield. This would later be called Battle of West Falklands. Both sides have different opinions on who won; the Falklands think it's obvious they won, and Argentina believes it was a draw.

The same day, mayor of Inca, Prlckly, participates in the battle, leading this nation into the war, possibly due rising tensions in the north with the foundation of La Plataea's Peru. This leads them to declare the Argentinian side as their official enemy, creating restrictions in relation to spawning and trade.

On July 8th, Joel02 quits EMC and handles the town BritishFalklands to a random guy called _06Horror_. Later in the same day, the town is sold to Argentina members for 200G in total. The war comes to an end with the ownership of the British part by the ex-chilean user RimiruZ.

The sight the following day. A tower being constructed on the Argentine side (left) and a wall being cleared on the Falkland side (right).

A map of the Battle of West Falklands. at the southern parts of the island.

Casus belli

These are the two points of view on why the war was declared.

Argentina POV

The main reason for the war was the unauthorized return of Joel02 to the islands after being warned (one year ago) to leave the territory and never come back. However, it must be noted he was not aware of being verbally 'warned' as he had left the server by then.

After the victory of the Argentinian side in the First Falklands-Malvinas War and the establishment of the Peace Deal between Argentinian and Falkland leaders, a series of events occurred that escalated into the declaration of war. First, Joel returned in June of the same year with the ambition of the expansion and creation of the town, followed later by union, later separation, of the Argentinian nation, followed by a reglaments being broken by Joel during his coming back.

According to private discord discussions between La Plata members, Joel broke a series of specifications established in the first war peace deal. This included:

  1. The construction of walls [1] and traps followed by a restriction of inward movement inside the British side of the island [2], against statement Number 2. in relation to "Freedom of movement". 
  2. Multiple discussion with members of Argentina ranging from indirect insults, excluding Argentinians from town recruitment [3] lasting till the war [4],recent appeal to Margaret Thatcher imagery with the goal to incite Argentinians users [5] [6] [7], calls of hate in-game towards the nation and its people [8] [9], [10] and direct aggressive talks involving themes like the brainwashing of Argentinian schools [11]  to offensive discussions in relation to the owner of the island in real life [12], [13]); against statement number 2.b Number in relation to "Discussion", which strictly states "conflict will not be allowed between the two parties to avoid tension.".
  3. Leaving the Argentinian nationand, possibly, planning to make one for himself or planning joining another one to "trigger" Argentina [14], breaking statement Number 1. in relation to "Land" and the ownership of the the Falklands.
  4. Trying to kill members of the Argentinian side, including the The_MasterPro (now King of Peru), and putting a prize of 32g to "who assassinates or captures the Argentine leader" [15] a couple of hours before the war officially started; against statement Number 3 in relation to "Violence".
  5. The lack of any cooperation between both sides, against statement Number 4 "Cooperation", as above mentioned example cases have show before, during and after the war.

As this amount of evidence presents, Joel didn't followed any of the stipulations, presented, leading to breaking of the deal and the subsequent official declaration of war. Although some of the claims, like the establishment of a nation for himself, or the idea to invade the continent, can be treated with a grain of salt [16], there is no doubt that these "false promises" and other examples of demonization led the Argentinian side to break the treaty and provoke the war.

Joel02 himself accepts he deliberately broke some of these points in the section below [more information put down below].

[PS for British site editors. Do not change the Argentinian POV without the proper authorization. If this guideline is not followed, modification on the British POV would be followed by our side.]

British Falklands POV

This is a direct quotation:

Firstly in response to the above:

No idea, I may have broken some of these on purpose or none at all! However, the official reason for myself breaking the treaty was when I paid a trusted resident to create a new town on the Island in their territory, as simple as that.

Cause of war from the British Falklands point of view:

'The clear main reason for war being declared was the killing of an Argentine troop by British Falklands, however, there is more to it than that. British Falklands was seen as a clear breach of Argentina's territory and therefore Malvinas was set up next to the fortified town as an attempt to reclaim the land in some way.

The towns were in conflict from the moment Argentina planted the town, however, it properly began PVP wise when Joel02 (British Falklands) launched an operation to irritate Malvinas as revenge for them planting the town (an attempt to stop Joel02 expanding).

Joel02 noticed Nikocholas' name tag when he was fishing on the beach, upon seeing Joel02 rushed to make a tunnel and infiltrate the ice rail tunnel hoping to kill someone. No one was there, however later on Joel02 lured Argentine forces into his tunnel that lead directly to the inside of his town. There were several wooden doors in the 1 wide tunnel in which Joel02 managed to trap one of them. Upon trapping, he quickly attacked them. The soldier being attacked left the game (unknown why), so Joel02 left lava there which killed the soldier the minute they rejoined. Almost as soon as they died, Nikocholas declared war on behalf of Argentina (as can be seen in chat logs).' - Joel02

Neutral conclusions

The existence of an Argentinian and British Falkland solidifies the argument that a possible peace between both nations, without the annexation of one another, would have been impossible. Argentinian interest in maintaining part of the island as a sign of pride and conduct of the island as an sphere of influence in South America; and Joel infuriating attitude and tries of anti-Argentinian propaganda mobilization (which was somewhat limited, but successful with the involvement of Inca and Indochina in the War); would have make completely impossible any sign of peace of mutual cooperation.


  • June 22: Joel02 establishes a town in the islands for the third time (Central Falklands, west Falklands, and British Falklands).
  • June 25: Joel02 joins Patagonia and leaves a good 3-4 days after.
  • June 30: Nikocholas establishes a town in the islands after La Plata notices Joel's return.
  • July 2: Walls are built on the British side and an attempt for a non-aggression pact between both towns is attempted, but with no result.
  • July 4: Malvinas officially declares war on British Falklands. The different points of view are given in the above section.
  • July 5: Perú, one of the four nations in La Plata, confirms the alliance with Malvinas in the conflict.
  • July 6: Indochina aids British Falklands in the war against Malvinas. A large battle occurs near West-Falklands which was caused by Indochina and Accordo.
  • July 7: Argentinian soldiers (Nikocholas, The_MasterPro, chofo70, RimiruZ) start building a 27-meter tall fort on the frontline with British Falklands, while Joel02 destroys his ineffective wall.
  • July 8: The town BritishFalklands is moved to _06Horror_ and the work in the fort is complete. Later, the town is sold to Argentina for 200G and the war ends.


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