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The Second Holstein War is a war between the nations of Denmark and Germany. It is mainly based around Northern Germany and Denmark.


Germany, as soon as Denmark was revived, has been in constant conflict with it. Both the towns laid claims over Hamburg, a once Danish town. Denmark and Germany both joked and insulted each other, without any pvp taking place. Denmark eventually established two towns in German territory to further their claims to the region. These two towns were Tyskland and Wismar. The capture of these regions didn't bring much response from Germany. However on November 23rd, Germany retaliated with the town of Horsens, in the centre of Denmark.

During the War

Skirmish of Horsens

The town, was created by the Kanzler of Germany, Coolcongaming, in the middle of Denmark. It was made as a response to the two Danish towns owned in Germany, Wismar and Tyskland. After the creation of Horsens, they demanded that they give Tyskland, and Horsens would be disbanded. After this was refused, two Danish soldiers went to Horsens. Two Danish soldiers, Maple_d and ohMerxy, arrived in Full gear, prepared to kill Coolcon. However, he logged off right before they came. After a while, 32Lego also arrived through Dybbol. After 32Lego arrived, Coolcon happened to log on again. After this, Coolcon was without Potions, he briefly left claims and attacked 32lego. He retreated to claims and went to his embassy at Bielefeld, where he claimed to go get Gear and Potions. After he arrived again, more PvP took place. Your_Leader logged on and started to make Dybbol claim north to block western expansion of Horsens. This sparked a small skirmish, however it quickly ended. Coolcon then proceeded to claim a large arm, going east, south then west.

Skirmish of Copenhagen

Two Germans, namely _Sidon_ and Coolcongaming, arrived at Copenhagen. After they arrived, 4 Danish soldiers logged on, and chased them out with a few hits alongside a British Ally. After this, Coolcon went to Horsens and so did Sidon. 32Lego and Maple_d came over to Horsens. Coolcongaming was setting up a trap in front of his home, hoping to lure in the two Danes. However they didn't get tricked and stayed out. After this, _Sidon_ followed 32Lego into Flensburg. Lego, had a trap set, and tried to trap _Sidon_. Sidon was near entering the trap, however lagged out of the traps range, and due to this the skirmish(es) ended with no casualties.

The Occupation of Malmo

After ohMerxy and Maple_d arrived at Malmo, Kornienko and his resident were seen building a home in the far north. Both Danes headed quickly, and hid in the bushes waiting to strike. They were met with a plea by Malmo's mayor, Kornienko, to leave and not annoy them. This was considered humiliating for Malmo, as the mayor had previously said Denmark has bad pvpers and they were scared of him. After spotting Malmo's resident, Metalcat2004, Maple proceeded to attack him. Metalcat threatened them to leave, and said "I have no mercy, no soul, and I will kill you if you return" (quote). However, he refused to fight them, contradicting his own statement. Both the mayor and the resident kept fleeing, and were hesitant to fight the two. After ohMerxy had to leave, Maple_d proceeded to attack Kornienko and Metalcat. Despite being heavily in favour of Malmo, Malmo refused to fight, and the mayor ran away to the south, abandoning his resident. After this, Maple left, after succesfully humiliating the town, and showing that the mayor is "all bark, but no bite" (quote)


The news of this was spread in Denmark, and many people laughed at Malmo, due to the inability to properly take advantage of having more soldiers in the end. Malmo quickly lost popularity after the news spread, and Denmark declared victory.

Bern Joins Denmark

The town of Bern, a significantly large one in Swiss German territory, joined Denmark. The mayor, a friend of Snowyy (Danish Chancellor) gave the town to him, and then it joined Denmark. Ater this, there was negative response from Germany. Germany asked for it to be returned, and was not happy with what just occured. Denmark, then proposed that they would give the town of Bern, if they were handed the town of Hamburg, which would end the war.

Bern Disbands, Danzig joins

After a long consideration, Snowyy quit Emc once more. However, the town of Danzig, and important German town in Poland, joined Denmark. This essentially made Germany lose all it's land in Poland.