Patagonia had its second conflict with Trinidad and Tobago (New Spain) on 18th of May. Patagonia accepted player ciao000000 as player, but later he decided to become minister. Patagonia didnt have enough ministers, so president mikolllaj60 accepted him. At this time, all of Patagonia didnt know the truth about ciao000000.

A lot of players from New Spain started joining Patagonian discord and asking if there were elections. There were, but for prime minister, not president. Some players from New Spain started making posters, while Patagonian chancellors and president thought it was state coup. The point of New Spain was to get rid of mikolllaj60 and his "fake" democracy, as "he was having horrible ideas like having an elected leader only when he finds it fit". ciao000000 declared war on New Spain, while knowing nothing about situation. Everyone in Patagonia was against that, New Spain and Brazil took it serious, while Patagonia decided to end this conflict. Patagonian chancellors and president decided to make an apology for their fake minister ciao000000. 20 gold were given as a gift to xPadpai (representative of New Spain), and ceasefire was held.

Shortly after, ciao000000 was killed 12 times by Patagonian army in Gallegos, and has been declared an outlaw in every Patagonian town.

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