The Senegal Railway Network is a series of railways that usually radiate from Dakar on Africa's West Coast. There are 3 Main Lines with multiple branch lines


Due to the lack of active nations in the Western Portion of Africa and lack of good transport besides some Malian canals Dakar decided to undertake massive railway building projects, including the Dakar-Sahel, the TransSahara and the Noland Main Lines. The railways were slowly build from Dakar, coming from the Dakar Terminus on elevated track.

Dakar-Sahel Main Line

The Dakar-Sahel runs from Dakar to Zulu on the Red Sea, it runs from the Dakar Terminus to the upper reaches of the Senegal river before continuing in a near-straight line to the capital of Sudan then crossing the Nile and ending at the Red Sea in Zulu.

TransSahara Main Line

The TransSahara runs from the Dakar-Terminus northward to the Senegal River before crossing the continuing in a relatively straight line until just south of Laayoune, where it turns east again north again, ending just south of the Straight of Gibraltar.

Noland Main Line

The Noland Line parallels the TransSahara line until it departs it when the TransSahara turns northward the Noland Line continues east until reaching the town of Noland.

Timbuktu Branch Line

The Timbuktu Branch links the Dakar-Sahel with the town of Timbuktu

Dakar Local Branch Line

The Dakar Local Branch links the different sectors of Dakar together with the Dakar Terminus


The Dakar-Sahel Railway will add branch lines, a planned one to Lagos to reach the Lagos network, which connects into Cameroon.

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