Sequoia (Jewtsu Mountain) is a town founded by GucciHawk (No Jewtsu) on 11/25/19. The purpose of this town is so that No_Jewtsu can have at least one building, that he owns, still standing. This town was also founded as memorabilia for No_Jewtsu.



No_Jewtsu logs into his alt to play EMC for the last time. He is absolutely disgusted on the horrendous amount of unnatural-looking terraformed places there were, so he had to make his last login of EMC count. No_Jewtsu mines 64 gold while he can and founds the town of Jewtsu Mountain.


The first and only building of this town will be the "Jewtsu Mountain Temple." This was built in memory of No_Jewtsu. The building is built with only wood and is finished on 11/25/2019, 6:20AM.

Coords (-22120, -6874)

No_Jewtsu discovers the Lompoc Valley ruins and makes a museum out of it. He then builds a road connecting Lompoc up to Sequoia.

Road to Falling

The alternate account of No_Jewtsu expires the day after he was constructing plots. No one can join the town, unless open towns can get fixed. The town of Sequoia ends and now faces disbandment.


  • Jewtsu Mountain Temple
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