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It's a standby server to access the main server.

there are usually between 1 and 205 people.With this waiting time, if you are a simple player you can wait from 15 seconds to more than 6 hours to hope to have a place. The average number of people in a queue is between 70 and 170 people. to avoid waiting you can use a premium access.

Main Island - Spawn Island

The waiter is a flying island, in front there are prismarine stairs. To your left are spawners and behind you a mini parkour. The first island is quite small. It takes less than a minute to go around it. there are various deception traps on the main island. Find them all!

Parkour 1

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Parkour 2

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Parkour 3

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Mob Spawners

This is a place where you can kill mobs (Zombies, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, Witches) to gain experience and loot. There is an enchanting table located outside of the cave

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