Servograd is a small town located on a mid-sized coastal island in the Kara Sea. Founded in early February 2019, the town is young but quickly growing, with a number of buildings currently under construction in the city center.


Early History

Servograd, being a new town, has a relatively short history. It was founded on February 5, 2019 by NikeSwooosh and Nordbury, who fled to Northern Siberia from the high density and constant conflict of Western Europe. The overland journey was long and arduous, taking the pair through the dense forests of Eastern Europe and over the Ural Mountains. After reaching the Ob River, they traveled up into the Kara Sea, surveying the coastline for areas to potentially settle. After finding a sizable island directly adjacent to the coast, the two disembarked and began constructing the town.


The Servograd Industrial Center is a large factory close to the city center, distinguished by its distinctive long glass windows and tall red brick chimney. Equipped with crafting tables, double chests, and 24 furnaces, it serves as a public workshop and storage for raw materials.

Notable People

  • NikeSwooosh
  • Nordbury


Servograd is a Marxist communist state governed by the Servograd Communist Party (SCP). Every citizen is a member of the party, and resources are held in common and distributed according to need.


Servograd's economy is very small, with output not exceeding 20G/Week. However, with the recent introduction of chickens and the influx of citizens, this figure is likely to rise. Being relatively isolated, the town exports very little and is a net importer of wool, string, and enchanted books. Major industries include agriculture, iron, and construction.


By law, every citizen is conscripted into the Servograd Regiment, the local defense militia. However, as most resources are currently devoted to development and territorial expansion, the Government has neglected to construct facilities and procure equipment (such as bows) for the army. Nevertheless, plans to solve equipment deficiencies are in place and will be realized in the near future.

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