Empire of Severny
Flag of Severny
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Empire of Severny
National Anthem N/A
Name in Towny Severny
Motto "From ruin, to grandeur"
Population 83, 87 with colony
Chunks 495, 567 with colony
/n list page 3
Capital City Rogachovo
Largest City Population- Rogachovo | Size- Altissia
Oldest City Altissia
Established June 14th
Disbanded N/A
Government Information
Leader Emperor Cazperino
Chancellors IcoLament, Wrfx, MC_Guru, Cazperino
Prime Minister N/A
Political System Crown.png Parliamentary Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalist
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Russie drapeau.png Russian
Official Religion Maternalism (материнское)
Army Size 7
Dominions Cape_Verde
Part of The Northern Confederation

Euro-Asian Empire

Historical Information
Past Leaders Emperor Sirta
Past Capitals N/A

Severny is a nation in northern Russia founded by Sirta, IcoLament and Wrfx after leaving their previous town, Nizhnekamsk. Severny unofficially claims the entirety of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, along with parts of the mainland. Cape_Verde was purchased as a colony of the empire on August 1st, 2020, held by Wrfx.

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