The religion is based on a sheep that landed on EarthMC from space, and came here to save hundreds of humans from a great glitch that would prevent the crops from growing and would disappear all within 5 nights. The sheep told all the humans to grab potatoes, carrots, apples, and wheat. Killing animals would cause a conflict for meat, possibly killing even more the sheep said. They only had 10 days in-game days to prepare. Hundreds prepared for the worse famine imaginable: and they did. The sheep warned that the area which the glitch would happen was Asia, with little damage to the outside areas. The famine hit, and the nations prepared. The worst famine imaginable hit, but the sheep had saved them. For 5 IRL days, crops failed. Many died of starvation. But most of the land had been saved from a famine. The sheep then de-spawned.


The spread of Sheepism originated in India, and have since then attracted a small following. The religion spread from mainland India, to Pakistan, and is now spreading to the Afghani mountains. No official founder has been declared.

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