On June 10th, 2020, after some disputes with Japan, The Shimazu clan was restored, officially kicking off the 4th Japanese cold war. The nation was originally made up of the towns of Shikoku (Formerly Shikara, capital of Imperial Japan), Hirosaki (Formerly Akita, capital of ShimazuNorth/Honshu), Wakayama (Formerly Awaji), Sakurashima (Now Youshiken), and Yeosu, with Sapporo joining later that day and Hirosaki leaving later on to join the clan of Date, led by First prime minister of japan and former leader of Asano, Ryukyu, and Nihon, KawadaJP. The nation is/was total isolationist, staying out of alliances and conflicts alike, later changing to be less strict on foreign policies.


The Fall of Shimazu

At some point during Shimazu's peak, Emperor Baron_Sigma abdicated the throne to Sairene, leaving EarthMc completely. Sairene was viewed as a non-serious leader and drove some of the older players in Shimazu away from the nation. She eventually disbanded the nation to unite under Synargle, but not before turning the government fascist and making Shimazu a temporary spawn trap. After Japan united, Shimazu was remade into Japan_South. Baron heard of these actions and asked Sairene to return the nation and its capital, Kagoshima, which she refused.

Qorrin's Time With Japan

Baron_Sigma eventually returned to EarthMc under the name Qorrin and obtained the town of Shikara, the former capital of Imperial Japan. Qorrin later ran for a prime minister and won. Most people from Shimazu that were left favored unification and prefered Sairene's rule over Shimazu when it still existed and would rather stay in Japan than leave.

The Korean Rebellion

When Qorrin's term ran out, Ssansss, another notable japanese player, was chosen to become the next prime minister. One of his goals was to colonize korea, and when the town of Daegu was planted on the Korean peninsula with KawadaJP as daimyo. Qorrin got together a group of supporters (most of which joined Shimazu 2 or made clans of their own) and sent a letter to the government stating that if they did not come to an agreement with the Korean governments, the rebellion would take further action. The action given to the government was that the rebellion would fund a town in Korea, but in reality all towns in the rebellion planned to leave Japan and join Korea. The two governments eventually came to a conclusion, in which Japan would take Daegu and Koksan and stop expansion in the Korean peninsula.


Ashimazu was an underground group in Shimazu meant to slow down Japan's recent imperialism and help unite the community in a different way that japan has been doing. All members of Shimazu 2 were in this group, as well as a few other notable Japanese players. This group existed only for a short time to support a candidate in the prime minister elections after Ssansss' term was up.


On June 1st official plans for the restoration of Shimazu started to form. The original plan was to announce the separation at the Japanese festival, but those plans were scrapped. Slowly the movement got support and on June 10th, Shimazu was restored. The nation obviously recieved alot of backlash and threw Japan into chaos, as the prime minister tried to persuade the rest of the government to not declare war, and as the emperor was inactive, there was no one to help guide the prime minister. At some point, leadership was given to former Empress Sairene and the prime minister resigned, with Yllalen being chosen as the next prime minister.

June 10th to July 24th

During this time, Shimazu distanced itself from most other nations on EarthMc and the emperor almost completely cut himself off from most other Japanese players, with the notable exception being the banning of four of Japan's players. Towns such as Toshima, Oita, and Owonia also joined in this time. While Shimazu was not directly involved in any battles with the Japanese, there were many "skirmishes" around the server, including claim and nation name disputes, as well as the flag war on hub 2. Shimazu promoted peace within its borders and with other nations, but as to avoid problems, they stayed out of alliances and battles alike. Eventually the puppet state of Ishikari was formed, allowing towns further north to join Shimazu.

Sengoku Era

The Sengoku Era started when the nation of Japan declared war on Shimazu, followed closely by Hokkaido and Date. During this time most members were inactive and the nation's population fell. The puppet state of Ishikari also declared independence from Shimazu during this time. The town of Seoul joined Shimazu during this era, which led the nations of Korea and the P.U.L.S.R.S to also declare war on Shimazu. The era came to an end when Japan and Date unified.

The Crisis Era

This era began when the emperor announced of his almost near departure from emc and had the shimazu discord deleted. As of this era, Shimazu as a nation is effectively dead. This should be the last major update besides timeline stuff.

Japan august 26.png


  • June 10: Shimazu is restored
  • June 15: Toshima (Formerly Ryukyu) joins Shimazu
  • June 16: Oita joins Shimazu
  • June 21: Qorrin is allegedly doxxed; allegations range from important members of japan doxxing the emperor to the emperor himself faking evidence to ban several players within japan
  • June 27: Around this time Date is formed and Hirosaki leaves Shimazu
  • July 5: All players banned in the doxxing incident were unbanned, with the exception of Fen (whom was unbanned at a later date); Owonia joins Shimazu.
  • July 20: Ishikari is founded as a puppet state located in the Hokkaido region of Japan, taking Youshiken out of the main Shimazu nation
  • July 21: Karafuto City joins Ishikari
  • July 22: After disputes regarding Oita's claims, more than 50% of their claims are deleted
  • July 23: After disputes regarding Owonia's claims, more than 50% of their claims are deleted by mods
  • July 24: Japan declares war on Shimazu; Hokkaido declares war on Japan and Shimazu
  • July 25: Parts of the Syndicate declare war on Shimazu
  • July 27: Karafuto City disbands; Datlof 4.0 joins Shimazu
  • July 30: Date declares war on Shimazu
  • July 31: With tensions in east asia sky high, Shimazu begins to enforce its isolationism. Ishikari goes on lockdown; Most of Owonia's claims are restored
  • August 7: Ishikari lockdown lifted
  • August 10: Akita joins Ishikari
  • August 15: Seoul joins Shimazu.
  • August 16: Korea declares war on Shimazu
  • August 17: Akita disbands
  • August 30: Ishikari declares Independence
  • August 31: Japan and Date reunify with kawada as emperor; Tuapse (formerly Komatsu) joins Shimazu
  • September 1: Shimazu discord deleted


Prelude: Shimazu is a constitutional monarchy. This Constitution is the law of Shimazu and it is the job of the Emperor and Daimyo (mayors) to uphold these laws. Any mayor that joins Shimazu automatically becomes a Daimyo and a member of the Sessei (Senate).

Emperor: The Emperor is the head of the government, and has the power to nominate ministers to handle national tasks. The Emperor is also the head of the Sessei and is in charge of ensuring that the Voting Rules are followed. The Emperor may only be replaced if the Emperor abdicates.

Sessei: The Sessei is the legislative body of Shimazu and consists of all Daimyo, including the Emperor. The Sessei is in charge of drafting laws and voting on whether a law is passed.

Voting Rules

1) Before a law is voted on, it must be supported by at least one other Daimyo.

2) Any proposed law will have a 48-hour voting period.

3) Laws shall be passed if a simple majority of those who vote approve it (ties are considered approved).

4) All laws passed by the Sessei must be approved by the Emperor. If a law is vetoed by the Emperor, then the Sessei may overwrite the veto with a unanimous vote.

5) Once a law is voted by the Sessei and approved by the Emperor (or an Emperor's veto is overwritten), then that law becomes official.


Nalas' retirement castle

23801, 73, -5632.png

Where: Toshima, Shimazu

Builder: Nalasleafheart

Status: Complete

Coords: 23801, -5632

Shikoku Castle

24373, 87, 6340.png

Where: Shikoku, Shimazu

Builder: Qorrin

Status: Incomplete

Coords: 24373, 6340

Central Tower

24528, 71, -6587.png

Where: Owonia, Shimazu

Builder: Prismary

Status: Complete

Coords: 24528, -6597

Sapporo House

25936, -8080.png

Where: Sapporo, Shimazu

Builder: Mikuuu

Status: Complete

Coords: 25936, -8080

Shiro Shimazu

26047 68 -8174.png

Where: Youshiken, Ishikari

Builder: StellarSamurai

Status: Incomplete

Coords: 26047, -8174

Other Clans



Founded: 9 June 2020

Founder: Emperor Qorrin

Capital: Shikoku

Fate: Slowly succumbed to inactivity



Founded: 27 June 2020

Founder: Emperor KawadaJP

Capital: Sendai

Fate: Disbanded for reunification



Founded: Unsure

Founder: Emperor Viinexx

Capital: Hachijo

Fate: Disbanded after becoming a state of Japan



Founded: 10 March 2020

Founder: Emperor Synargle

Capital: Tokyo

Fate: TBD



Founded: Unsure

Founder: Emperor UnreadiSpaghetti

Capital: Kagoshima

Fate: Restored



Founded: Unsure

Founder: Admiral-General QqL/Dokuja

Capital: Monbetsu

Fate: Joined Japan as a northern n spawn

Ishikari 4.png


Founded: 20 July 2020

Founder: Dragon Daimyo StellarSamurai

Capital: Youshiken

Fate: TBD

(Obama/Fukuii is not included in this list as they joined the Canadian Empire as a colony shortly after being founded)

Notable People

Qorrin: First Emperor of Shimazu

Sairene: Second Emperor of Shimazu

Synargle: First Emperor of United Japan 

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