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Kingdom of Siam
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Siam
National Anthem มอญดูดาว (Mon Dao):

Name in Towny Siam
Motto "Unity amongst those uniting brings about success and prosperity."
Chunks 1218
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Capital City Bangkok.png Bangkok
Largest City Bangkok.png Bangkok
Oldest City Bangkok.png Bangkok
Established 2 December 2018
Government Information
Leader Fluxify I
Prime Minister Lumpoon
Political System Crown.png Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalist
Official Language Thailand-flag-small.png Thai

Englishflag.jpg English

Official Religion Buddhism.png Buddhism
Army Size Classified
Part of Asian.png Asia (Continent)
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

The Kingdom of Siam (formerly the Kingdom of Thailand) was a nation in South-East Asia. It came into existence on December 2nd 2018 when the nation was formed. Siam was discontinued after the unification with Vietnam to form Indochina in July 2020.


Siam borders Malaysia to the South, Myanmar to the North-West, and Vietnam to the East. The capital city is Bangkok.



Siam had territory in present day Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, India, and Indonesia.


Pre-Nation History

The planning of the nation began on the 14th of November. The monarchy was formed on the 15th of November with Fluxify as the King and was located in Bangkok.

During the lead up to the formation of the nation, the entire population worked as hard as they possibly could in the mines to meet the 512 gold amount for the nation. This made the main materials of the early nation gold, diamonds, emeralds and iron.

The unformed nation of Thailand needed to defend its shores and lands so it established the Thai Royal Army (now known as the Siamese Royal Army) on November 16th, 2018 with Jump Fox the Chief of the Army and Military Field Marshal. That same day, raids of farms took place across Thailand and it was found out that several citizens of Willyburbia on the island of Sumba were responsible. In response, the Thai Royal Army and the Royal Marine Corps from the Royal Thai Navy was ordered under the leadership of Field Marshal and Chief of Army, Fox to ransack the island's farms and homes.

Post-Nation Formation History

Siamese-Malaysian Border Dispute

On December 3rd, Thailand contacted Malaysia about choosing which border should be used to divide the two nations. King Fluxify I suggested the border which is more commonly known and is historical whilst Leader PaFilin of Malaysia suggested having the border further North of the border suggested by Thailand.


With the two nations not coming to an agreement, Emperor Fluxify and CarmanHipHop created Hat Yai, a town just north of the border proposed by Thailand, they claimed they were just taking rightful territory. Malaysia decided to oppose this and used Tengah to claim around the town preventing it from expanding and claiming that they already laid claims to the land, Fluxify responded saying the land had no signs of being the next expansion for Tengah.


Malaysia offered Carman to remove the claims around the town if he joined Malaysia, the offer was refused and Fluxify went down to the town with nothing but armor and food and was attacked by the Mayor of Tengah, Fluxify made a public announcement stating that This is how Malaysia treats peaceful protests against them.

Later that day, Byzantium showed their support for Thailand. Byzantium was also contacted by Malaysia to help resolve the border dispute. Malaysia offered Thailand 32 Gold Ingots if they remove the town and agree to the border, this was refused by Thailand.

Annexation of the Kingdom of Vietnam

On the 30th of December, Vietnam collapsed and Siam was given the go-ahead to annex the land by the former ruler. Plans were set up to make paths connecting all towns in Indochina to bring the towns more together. However some towns wanted to remake Vietnam which was approved by the Siamese government. Hainan wanted to stay apart of Siam after the reformation of Vietnam, but then eventually left and joined Qin.

Counterattack of the Willyburbian Bandits

On the 2nd of January, Willyburbia began raiding towns of Siam, in response, Fluxify sailed down to the Chumphon Canal to inspect damages as a bait whilst the Willyburbian's approached Bangkok, Fluxify turned pvp on and surprise ambushed the bandits chasing them away into the Gulf of Siam. Fluxify called the bandits "panicky individuals".

Byzantine-Albanian War Support

On the 5th of January, the Byzantine Empire declared war on Albania as a town was made within Byzantine borders. In response Byzantium created Forte_Carlos. Siam sent forces to the fort to help clear the terrain of the trees which were in the way of the fort site. Siamese troops remained at the fort for around an hour.

Great Balkan War Support

On the 12th of January, war was declared upon the Byzantine Empire by Romania and Austria-Hungary. A battle broke out in between the borders of Byzantium and Bulgaria. Siam joined the battle and aided the Byzantine forces and took no causalities during the battle.


Annexation of Cambodia with Vietnam

On the 3rd of March, Cambodia fell apart due to a glitch and the ruler left the server. Siam and Vietnam took the opportunity to split the territory between the two of them just like how it was before Vietnam fell in December.

Skirmish with Sudan

On the 16th on March 2019, Sudan (now called Nubia) asked Siam for access to their capital which was allowed, Sudan proceeded to walk up to the area near Yangon which is owned by Siam and make a town there. This was seen as an act of aggression and territorial expansion as Siam had placed signs nearby stating that any claim in the area meant war. Siamese and Vietnamese forces marched to the town and killed the mayor of the town in process. Talks began in the town whilst more forces from Byzantium were on the way. Once Byzantine forces arrived, they killed the town mayor again and began trying to kill both the leader of Sudan and the mayor of the town with TNT. Sudan offered to leave the area for 32 gold which was rejected, they then offered 27 gold which was also rejected. Later that day, Siam proposed 16 gold in order for them to leave which was accepted by Sudan.

Hainan Crisis

The island of Hainan had seceded from the Qin Empire on the 5th of March 2019 after not receiving more representatives in the Qin government. Siam decided to help Hainan instead of Qin after attacks from Qin on Hainan took place. On the 21st of March 2019, Siam left the House of Uesugi and formed the Indo-Pacific Alliance with Hainan to announce their protection of the island and also said Hainan would be allowed to join Siam if they were ever declared war on by another nation.

Later on that day, the Qin Emperor, Englavian contacted Emperor Fluxify I and asked for a resolution to the crisis. Siam helped bring the two hostile states to an agreement which was called the Treaty of Bangkok which states the following terms:

  • Hainan Demands full confirmation from Qin that they and the House of Uesugi will stop their attacks and harassments against Hainanese people.
  • Qin must remove the town “Chishui” and never found any other town on the Hainan Isle.
  • The House of Uesugi stays neutral or friendly with Hainan which includes to no raids / pillages on the Island.
  • Qin allows Hainan to join Siam as an Autonomous Region without any consequence.
  • Qin allows Hainan or Siam to be able to spectate or type in the Uesugi discord.
  • Votes in the House of Uesugi should be held.

This treaty achieved peace once again and made Siam for the first time a continental power.

Siamese-Khmer War

Information about this conflict can be found here.

Border Violation

On the 8th of May 2019, Hainan's mayor was overthrown by Neon_Krby and Hainan left Siam and joined Qin which caused controversy as the return of the territory was refused. In response Siam decided it was best to withdraw from the House of Uesugi. This encouraged raids of highly populated Qin towns by Siam and the GRE, which were successful.

Abdication of Fluxify I

On the 27th of May 2019, Fluxify I announced his abdication, replacing him was Raj Prasong I. Fluxify I stated that he had no time to focus on the nation anymore and was happy to keep the nation going under a new leadership.

Coronation of Raj Prasong Rama II

On the 30th of May 2019, Raj Prasong Rama II's coronation took place at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Skirmish with Cambodia

In June, Cambodia had formed in the Vietnamese part of Cambodia. Talks about the status of Cambodia were ongoing. Fluxify I sailed from Saiburi and attacked the town of New Sisophon and almost killed the mayor whilst he pleaded for help and for him to leave.

Return of Fluxify I

Fluxify I made a town in the Levant called Antardus to help Byzantium counter the Ottoman puppet state of Syria. In August, Siam was in crisis and several citizens wanted to see the return of Fluxify I. With approval from Raj Prasong Rama II, Fluxify I returned to the throne on 11th of August, 2019.

Independence from the Greater Roman Empire

The GRE began making plans to move all the populations of the Provinces in the GRE into only Byzantium and other Provinces such as Persia and Italia. Fluxify I was rather opposed to the plan as he had spent most of his time in Siam and had only been in Byzantium core territory briefly before his return to the Siamese throne.

Fluxify I decided to make a response as a document which was sent to Byzantium on the 31st of August which saw good responses from some of the other Exarch's and other high-government officials.

Membership in the British Commonwealth

Soon after releasing the Response to "The Purple Phoenix" Plan, on the 1st of September it was announced by Fluxify I and MineHero43 that Siam would be joining the Commonwealth of Nations as a Protectorate. This wasn't received well by Byzantium who saw Siam as a traitor even though reasons for leaving were clearly stated by Siam.

The Cambodian War

Information about this can be found here.

Vietnamese Border Violations Against Siam

After the Siamese and Vietnamese victory against Cambodia, Vietnam placed a town named Pleiku in Siamese territory in late October, violating their border agreement. Fluxify was unhappy and confronted him, demanding the removal of the town which doct_fr refused.

Fluxify with the help of Jump Fox created a town named the Siamese DMZ to show where the border was with Vietnam and to stop more border violations. A wall was build along the border, named the Great Wall of Siam.

The town continued to stay apart of Vietnam which permanently damaged relations between Siam and Vietnam.

Second Border Violation

On November 16th, the town of CiteDesDieux was created in Western Siam. After diplomatic talks with the mayors they did not want to join Siam and would've preferred to join Vietnam. This was seen as unacceptable by Siam, Siamese forces launched several attacks at CiteDesDieux, winning every battle.

The town called for peace and asked Fluxify I to visit the town to talk, upon arrival the town was fully prepared to attack Fluxify I. They began to attack him but Fluxify I managed to kill majority of the citizens and take their armor. Some of the people in this fight against Fluxify I was Vietnamese soldiers, which Fluxify had to kill against his own wishes of promoting peace between Vietnam and Siam.

The town then again asked for peace and Fluxify I invited them to Bangkok and peace was made between the two. CiteDesDieux get their armor returned from Siam and they promise to Siam that they would stay independent.

On the 19th of November, the town of CiteDesDieux attacked Chiang Mai and began to grief unclaimed buildings. Fluxify I told KyroDatKing that he should see what his town had town Chiang Mai. He arrived and after 5 minutes of being there started attacking an unarmed civilian, he was promptly killed by Siamese forces.

In response, the town of CiteDesDieux asked Vietnam to help them attack Chiang Mai. Before the battle begun and the towns forces were moving to Vietnam to prepare, Siam intercepted them and killed two of them. Later in the day, around 7-9 Vietnamese and CiteDesDieux forces arrived at Chiang Mai. Outnumbered and by himself, Fluxify I attacked them and managed to kill 5 before dying.

He then stated that this was a huge victory for Siam whilst the opposing forces disagreed. That night CiteDesDieux asked to discuss peace once again the next day which was accepted and planned for the 20th of November.

On the 20th, CiteDesDieux joined Vietnam, violating the border agreement for the second time. In response, Siam gave an ultimatum stating that Vietnam should kick Pleiku and CiteDesDieux, this was refused and thus Siam declared war on Vietnam beginning the Siamese-Vietnamese War.

Siamese-Vietnamese War

Information about this can be found here.

Siamese Involvement in the British-GRE War

Britain had declared war on the Greater Roman Empire for they allegedly funded the rebel nation in the Scottish Highlands. Siam, being a member of the British Commonwealth began making the Siamese Expeditionary Force to help aid their British ally in the war.

The conflict ended before the Expeditionary Army saw combat.

War against Kampuchea

In April 2020, Kampuchea had proclaimed itself as the new Cambodia calling Siam and Vietnam imperialists, this had both nations pretty concerned about their intentions.

On the 1st of May, Kampuchea invited the town of Pursat to their nation, a town which was pro-Cambodian. Pursat began expanding into the old capital of Khmer. Siam confronted the Kampucheans about them removing the town but was not met with much success.

On the 2nd of May, the town of Chanthaburi was established by Siam to enforce their claims in the region.

Between the 2nd of May and the 6th of May, land mines were placed around Siamese towns in Cambodia. These mines were discovered on the 6th of May by Siamese officials and were promptly removed and cited as being "obviously visible".

In response, Siam finally felt that Kampuchea had crossed the line and they declared war on the 6th of May with Vietnam.

More info can be found in The Kampuchean War.

Unification with Vietnam

Talks had been going on for weeks about the possibility of unifying Indochina into one nation. This was eventually agreed upon and Vietnamese towns began joining from July 2nd. By July 4th, Vietnam was disbanded and all Vietnamese towns were apart of Siam and the nation was renamed to Indochina.

Politics and Government

In the beginning, Siam was ruled by an absolute monarch. In March 2019, the nation began to populate which marked the beginning of the constitutional monarchy.

Current Government is as follows:

Royal Family

The Cabinet

  • Prime Minister - Lumpoon
  • Deputy Prime Minister - Jump Fox


  • Minister of State for the Armed Forces - Jump Fox
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Bravoxd
  • Minister of Interior - Vacant
  • Minister of Transportation - iChewSand
  • Minister of Agriculture - Binsu_MC
  • Minister of Human Resources - Vacant
  • Minister of Finance - Vacant


The Royal Siamese Army is lead by Jump_Fox, it consists of a classified amount of military personnel and is expanded upon in the event of conflict. The main objectives are to protect the borders and the foreign affairs of Siam.



The Royal Siamese Navy, Siam's naval warfare force, was established in 2018. It was modernised in 2019 with the construction of two frigates, one named the HTMS Saiburi and another named the HTMS Kraburi. Its structure includes the naval fleet, Royal Siamese Marine Corps, and Air and Coastal Defence Command. The RSN headquarters is located at Kra Canal.

The navy operates two naval area commands (NAC): Gulf of Siam (First NAC); and the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) (Second NAC).



Country of Origin Quantity Name Note
Type 053HT class Siam/China 2 HTMS Saiburi

HTMS Kraburi

HTMS Saiburi is located in the Gulf of Siam outside Bangkok.

HTMS Kraburi is located in the Indian Ocean.

Borders and Regions

Siam is split into 9 different regions.

  • Central Siam
  • Northern Siam
  • Eastern Siam
  • Southern Siam
  • Western Siam
  • Andaman Islands
  • Sumatra
  • Malaya
  • Burma

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