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The Siamese-Vietnamese War was a conflict between the Kingdom of Siam and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam during late November 2019 and extended into Early 2020.

After the two nations defeated Cambodia in The Cambodian War, Vietnam sought to become the dominant power in Indochina and began placing towns within Siamese borders. Siam demanded Vietnam to remove the two towns invited to Vietnam and to respect Siamese borders which was denied thus beginning the conflict.


After the defeat of Cambodia during The Cambodian War by Siam and Vietnam, Cambodia was re-annexed back into Vietnam whilst Siam continued their hold on their territory in Cambodia.

On the 21st of October, Vietnam invited the town of Pleiku which was located in Eastern Siam to Vietnam causing the Siamese to become suspicious of the future intentions of Vietnam. Siam allowed Pleiku to remain apart of Vietnam but they were not allowed to expand West and no more towns in Siam were to be invited to Vietnam.

In November, the town of CiteDesDieux in Western Siam was established by French players who grew to have a bond with the French leaders of Vietnam. After they refused to join Siam, attacks begun on the town by Siam over several days which was seen as an attack on Vietnam after the town pleaded to Vietnam for help. Vietnamese forces met with Siamese forces to counter it leading to 5 deaths on the Vietnamese side and only 1 death on the Siamese side.

Prelude and Siamese Ultimatum

After the skirmish at Chiang Mai between Siamese and Vietnamese forces, the town joined Vietnam on the 20th of November which prompted Siam to demand they kick the town immediately or they would be risking a war with Siam. After the Vietnamese leaders had told Siam to declare war on them, they did, which was the beginning of the war.

Course of the War

War breaks out (November 2019)

After the declaration of war by Siam, Vietnam began an offensive towards Bangkok. Town PVP was turned on in preparation for the Vietnamese arriving. When they arrived, Siamese forces managed to trap Doct_fr and then he pvp-logged.

Soon after that battle, Vietnam created a town within Siamese territory between Lopburi and Buri Ram. Siam began attacking the town and then eventually attacked WongTongSoup and managed to find success by killing one.

On the 21st, Siam finds out Vietnam had lied to Cite Des Dieux saying they were only able to teleport to Vietnam's spawn and they could only use Vietnam's shop. Outraged, Siam told them the truth of what they could do when apart of a nation, this action prompted Cite Des Dieux to leave Vietnam and declare neutrality in the conflict.

Another Siamese offensive began at WongTongSoup but unlike the previous day, no losses occured.

The 22nd was like no other day, no battles or fighting took place. Siam suspected Vietnam to be plotting an attack in the next coming days.

On the 23rd of November, Vietnamese forces and Bosnian and Nazi German volunteers attacked Bangkok. Siam fiercely defended their land against them. Eventually Siam managed to catch Vietnamese leader, Doct_fr very weak during the battle which resulted in his death. Siam declared that Vietnam can only attack when backed by a foreign power.

Siamese forces went to the Vietnamese town of Locura and attacked managing to kill one Vietnamese in the process.

GuyDio decided he would attempt to talk peace, he went over to Chiang Mai and began to crouch. They thought he was attempting to attack as he was in god armor, he was then killed and attempted to return and request his items back, he was then killed again.

Renewed Siamese Success (December 2019)

Siam kept launching attacks at the Vietnamese with major success, these attacks happened around 2-3 times per week from December to January.

Cite Des Dieux was sold to Tornado_ who renamed it to "Bruh" and rejoined Vietnam on December 6th.

On December 23rd, GuySteph created New_Vinh on the island of Borneo and was attacked a few days later by British troops.

On December 28th, Fluxify and The_Impaler_ were on talking terms and agreed to meet up in Bangkok. On his way to Bangkok using the Vietnamese Ice Road, he was killed by a Siamese landmine hidden on the ice road although he did not have any items.

Vietnamese Reorganisation (January 2020)

Vietnam began to become more confident when attacking the Siamese causing Vietnam to gain a lot of war support.

A ceasefire was called to talk about potential peace deals on January 10th, Siam delivers and ultimatum to the Vietnamese to accept a deal which would return to the borders decided by the Bangkok Pact. Vietnam does not respond to the ultimatum so Siam removes the ceasefire.

On the 13th, a town by the name of Pursat joins Vietnam despite being located within Siamese territory in Cambodia. Vietnam had given the town gold to join and offered them to have their own nation against Siam. Before this deal occurred, Siam had offered the town full independence and ownership of all of Cambodia if they helped them defeat Vietnam during the war which never happened.

On the 30th of January, Vietnamese and Siamese forces met at Buri Ram and had a small battle in which one Siamese died.

Permanent Ban of Doct_fr, end of the war (February 2020)

By February 2020, the war had claimed many Vietnamese lives, despite this the previous month had seen most Vietnamese victories and February was going to be even better. But on February 1st, Doct_fr, the leader of Vietnam was permanently banned for duplicating gold. Immediately a ceasefire was called and peace was in discussion, a provisional government led by GuySteph was setup and was talking with the Siamese.

The provisional government knew that Vietnam was wrong to violate Siamese borders and accepted Siamese wishes of returning and removing the towns within Siamese borders; with Bruh being given to Siam and Pursat being kicked from Vietnam and the war had ended on February 12th 2020.


With Vietnam's leader banned, the nation attempted to create a new democratic government but struggled to find a leader for two months and many citizens had their data wiped. This dwindling activity caused the town of NhaTrang to create their own nation known as the State Of Vietnam. With this happening, Vietnam, State Of Vietnam and Siam all signed a border agreement with eachother.

In April 2020, Japan saw an opportunity to buy Vietnam, with this they created Japanese Vietnam which became a province within the Japanese Empire.

With Pursat townless, Siam reached out to them once again and offered for them to become an autonomous state of Siam and they would be granted all of Siamese Cambodia. This was rejected and Pursat eventually joined a Korean-funded nation called Kampuchea beginning The Kampuchean War.

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