Siauliai flag

SiauliaiCenter The town center

Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny Siauliai
Established March 15th, 2019
Nation Terra mariana cross Terra Mariana
Population 4
Chunks 196
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark 4027, -10491
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor Alan Lime Alan_Lime
Political System
Economic System
Official Language
  • Englishflag English
  • Lithuanianflag Lithuanian
Official Religion Roman Catholic
Historical Information
Past Nations None
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Siauliai is a town, in the nation of Terra Mariana, located in the north of Lithuania, bordering Arensburg. It's made up of 196 chunks and it counts 4 citizens.

Also it was the home of the supreme Pontiff of Terra Mariana.


Early History

The town of Siauliai was founded on March 15 2019 by player named Alan_Lime. At first the town was not much but a small town in the western part of the Baltic States, upon its creation it was part of The Kingdom of Terra Mariana which was a vassal state of a bigger nation at the time called Minskan Rus. After the independence of Terra Mariana from Minskan Rus which renamed itself to Intermarium, Siauliai great expansion began.

The great expansion

First part

Siauliai after Terra Mariana's independence started expanding, eventually Siauliai began bordering Arensburg. This marked the start the great expansion of Siauliai. It began when Alan_Lime built a wall separating Terra Mariana from White Russian town Viking city's expansion, the wall was claimed but since it was a long claim it was reported as claim blocking and eventually was unclaimed by a mod. After the wall was unclaimed expansion was very slow almost to a halt.

Second part

After a month lots of things had changed around Siauliai, Terra Mariana's and Lithuanian relations turned for the worst due to border disputes, and after few days of mining and voting Alan_Lime collected enough gold to expand and claim the gaps between the neighbouring towns. Siauliai became larger than it ever was and it marked the end of the great expansion of Siauliai.

Inner and outer Siauliai

After the expansion ended the claims outside the wall were walled up and cut Siauliai into Inner and outer parts. The outer part bordered a Lithuanian town, which did not like the claims that Siauliai has got so border skirmishes began between two town mayors and their guards, eventually fighting calmed but the tensions are till this very day. But in other words Siauliai still remains one of the oldest towns in Terra Mariana by so being a cultural center of the nation.

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