Khanate of Sibir 2.png
Flag of Sibir
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of Sibir
National Information
Full Name Khanate of Sibir
National Anthem "Holy legionary youth"
Name in Towny Sibir
/n list page
Capital City Suceava
Largest City Wrangel
Oldest City
Established 26th June 2019
Government Information
Leader Dukasv.png dukasv
Prime Minister Yllalen.png Yllalen
Political System Government monarchy.png Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Official Language
  • Englishflag.jpg English (Main)
  • Roumanie drapeau.png Romanian
  • Russie drapeau.png Russian
  • Drapeau germanophonie.jpg German
Official Religion Russiaorthodox.pngCatholic.png Christianity
Army Size
Part of Ashikaga mon.svg.png Ashikaga
Historical Information
Past Leaders None
Past Capitals Suceava

Sibir is a nation located in eastern Siberia, in the Russian states of Chukotka and Kamchatka. The original nation, called Bukovina, was founded on June 26th, 2019, in Romania.

Bukovina was planned by dukasv for a while and was made just days after Transylvania declared independence.

Since then, the nation has relocated and changed names. Sibir eventually broke free from Japan as a vassal state, and became independent with dukasv as the Khan.


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