Shortly after the declaration of war made by Brazil against India, Brazilian troops started their first offensive, one which would turn to be a bloody battle and a major defeat to the young Brazilian Armed Forces, signaling the start of the war.

Offensive in Cuttack

Brazilian troops now for the second time marched across the Indian peninsula, now heading to the small city of Cuttack, on the moment habitated by 2 Indians, Shiva1234 and Pxtreme1.

The Brazilians were joined by 2 European Volunteers: Carlos_Eduardo and _Slaid, who suddently were paid the quantity of 50 golds by the natives and switched sides, killing around 3 brazilian soldiers by the back.

Chaos and confunsion were stormed within the Brazilian Army, orders were given to immediately fall back to the Capital of Hindustan, Hyderabad.

The Siege

After all troops felt back from Cuttack, _Slaid and _Carlos Eduardo waited for the furious and huge strenght of more than 10 soldiers, including Hindustani Militias to charge upon then.

They held extremely superior armor and weapons, when on the other side, the inexperienced Brazilian soldiers held non-enchanted Diamond armors and Diamond swords with few potions, with some Hindustani militias fighting with mere stone swords.

Orders were clear, to die in Hyderabad and charge upon two strongly and heavily armored mercenaries.

None of these 2 died during the battle, Brazilians were being annihilated without a chance to fight back, on the middle of the chaos the Brazilian Commander MareshallZorn screamed multiple times "Charge, Charge!" and used TNTs to make the terrain harder for their oponents.

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