Hours after the entry of Nairobi into the AU. 3 citizens of Yap acting as Pirates had camped outside of the town of Nairobi dressed in armour and a sword. Notice of a threat was sent from Nairobi to Sudan. Sudan, with limited time, was only able to raise a single citizen from its population, the emperor himself.


Before engaging in combat, an attempt at diplomacy was made by Sudan in order to avoid combat. Diplomacy broke down and the Emperor of Sudan made his way over in an attempt to break the siege.


Upon the arrival of the Emperor of Sudan, the forces from Yap had constructed a makeshift fort out of dirt, cobble, oak planks and bricks. Secret underground tunnels had also been dug around the area. A significant portion of the fort had been claimed by Nairobi.

The Battle

The Emperor of Sudan managed to poison the leader of the expedition who combat logged seconds after being poisoned. During this time, the other two soldiers of Yap took the opportunity to escape and teleport back to their town. a cobblestone enclosure was built around the spot that the expedition leader had combat logged. Minutes later he returned, attempting to escape the enclosure. The escape was a success however due to poisoning, the following pursuit lasted approximately five seconds before he died.


All members of Yap teleported back to their town, 30 kilometers away by boat and lacking a nation costing them an estimated 4.5 man-hours total. In addition, due to the death of the expedition leader. A full set of lightly damaged, enchanted, apart from a protection II chestplate, diamond armour was collected. For their troubles, this was gifted to a citizen of Nairobi. 222 Brick slabs and 91 Brick blocks were also looted and kept by the Emperor of Sudan as spoils of war.

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