Second Siege of Tarnopol

The Second Siege of Tarnopol happened on the 28th April 2019. During that siege, 5 danish soldiers, fen_b, dannie_b, alek_b, Snowyy_b, dorien_b and Funkychicken0, were mass-murdering the population of Tarnopol.

The siege lasted from 13:00 CEST to 14:02 CEST

Before the Siege

At 12:50 CEST, fen_b was running around in Southern Poland, trying to find any targets to kill. He did that because his nation, Denmark, has been at war with Poland for some time now. He kept on walking until he noticed 2 citizens online in the town of Tarnopol. He went up to that town and saw the town mayor, KrisusQ, approaching him with enchanted diamond gear on. Fen_b backed out because he noticed pvp was enabled, expecting a kind of trap. However, after investigating the area, he couldn't spot any trap so he decided to chase KrisusQ into the Castle. At that point, backup was already arriving and the siege began

During the Siege

The siege began at 13:00 CEST. Fen_b climbed some trees and used them to jump into the castle. They found KrisusQ hiding in a room and he got killed by a danish soldier. After that, some soldiers went through the town and killed every citizen. Because of that, every citizen would keep on respawning inside the castle. The citizens tried escaping, but dannie_b stood at the only exit, which meant slaughter, for the polish citizens. After 15 minutes, the death toll of the polish citizens increased to 100. They continued on killing the poles, until all of them started hiding in foreign spawns.

Two strangers approaching

Mid during the siege, SylvaTooth approached the castle. We can tell from her behaviour in chat, that she didn't appreciate this siege. She got chased away and combat-logged after getting hit by 1 arrow. She had enchanted diamond gear

Some time later, Kawabamga, who has been recently known for murdering random people, approached the castle. He jumped in, using one of the danish sieging-towers, and stood proudly for a whole 10 seconds before two danish soldiers attacked him. He was chased by Snowyy_b around in the castle's tunels for 5 minutes until he combat-logged as well.

First siege of Tarnopol

The first Siege of Tarnopol was an irrelevant siege happening in January 2019. A polish player made the town and refused joining the Polish nation. Because of that, polish troops attacked the town, no casualties found place.

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