Shortly after the Albanian's withdrawal from Prilep, the Albanian leader, Hampusk8, was spotted in Tirana. YellowVictini, CorruptedGreed, Pres, and Voisardian made their way west from Prilep, crossing the mountains to reach the town. More reinforcements were called in from Constantinople once the initial troops arrived in Tirana. These additions consisted of owentheguy, God_Of_Murloc, oftechthegamer, and others throughout the course of the siege who arrived and left. Once everybody arrived, the construction of a fort immediately east of Tirana began. The base for the fort took about an hour to finish. By now Hampusk8 had logged off, but Byzantine troops continued to construct the fort in a lengthy time period. After the fort's full construction was complete, funding was required to create a town to claim the fort with. Carlos_Eduardo was willing to fund the majority of the fort. The town created on the fort was named, "Forte_Carlos" to recognize his contribution to the war effort. It would later be renamed to Overlook and incorporated into the town of Dyrrhachium. Eventually after the founding of the town and no Albanians in sight for hours, the main Byzantine forces dispersed.

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