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Sinai is the capital of Israel, and the current town of the Melech Glamourian,


When Orche_ left Israel, Glamourian took over as the first Melech and tried to keep Sinai together during the Decay. Not much was done in the way of construction, until Caspaeres joined. An enthusiastic builder, he persuaded the Melech to rebuild almost all of Sinai, and the two set out on a journey to rebuild large swathes of Sinai, starting with the construction of Ceres Court, and moving on to the government district and the city circle.


Sinai consists of five main districts, each serving a certain function.

Harbour District The oldest and most historic district of Sinai, it contains Solomon Street, which houses government buildings such as the Knesset Building and Treasury, as well as Izmargad Street, the most desirable residential area including properties such as Clarence House and Ceres Court. The Temple can be accessed from its periphery.

Fort District Consisting of the fort of Kingsrock and its constituent airfield and other military assets, it is heavily guarded and off-limits to most non-military personnel.

Central District Contains the nation spawn, centred around the city circle and housing many shops and businesses.

Brutalist District Dedicated to providing housing and services to the common folk of Sinai.

Financial District An elevated area housing many skyscrapers and businesses.


The flag of Sinai is a variant of the Israeli flag, with a sea green star of David and sky blue strips as opposed to the darker blue of the national flag. The flag of Sinai can also be found in many cities on the Levant, as a symbol of the relationship between the towns of Israel and the capital city.