Skater Skin
Profile Information
Aliases Skater, Skater boy later boy
Nation Niger
Town Kano
Towny Rank Banned
Organization None
Political Party
Religion None
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn December 15, 2018
Place of Spawn Indonesia
Physical Information
Gender Male
Blood Type
Height Two blocks
Status Information
Status --Active-- Banned
Server Role Nation Leader, EMCL Staff, Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
France, Ecuador, Niger


Skater2323 was possibly the best fighter in EarthMC as of September2019. He was present in most conflicts and fights and has rarely lost due to his disrespectful playstyle(Invis + Blast Mining) and overall his years of experience playing minecraft in his uncle's basement.


Skater first spawned in Indonesia on Dec 15, 2018.

The first town he joined Lyon, and the first nation he joined was France.

Later he joined Ecuador who was owned by his friend Nbax, and became chancellor there. He met the group called ISIS in February, and chilled with them because they were cool.

When watergod inherited islamic_state from mlgterra, the friends (Skater, watergod, and Toadally) moved the nation to Niger (which is located in North Africa).

From this point on Skater became notorious among the community due to his often toxic nature. He would raid newfag towns and ambush unsuspecting players for looting or sport. In a way he became a figurehead for the toxic nation of Niger alongside Zuko, Watergod and Silverr.


  • Skater has received 5 warnings in the past regarding boat exploiting and using a minimap that gave him advantages over others resulting in his ban.
  • Skater made Kazakhstan with benja, and then bailed on him 2 days later
  • Skater has killed FuzeIII
01 Friends
02 Olympics canceled
03 Friends
04 Group
05 Group
06 Penguins
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