Skildo is a founding member and Royal Councillor of Rupert's Land, and currently lives in the capital city, Northwest Co.

He is known as the "High Bishop", but he is more of a God than anything. He also owns the world renowned store known as Skildo-Mart, which resides in the Northwest Co. trade district. It was the first store in the nation, and it's famous for its legendary prices and out-of-this-world deals. There is only one Skildo-Mart in the world, where the lines are longer than Apple and Samsung when they release a new product.

At the time of 2/21/2020 Skildo Mart has been closed down with only the sign saying "Skildo Mart" remaining and some blank signs and chests inside.

Skildo also scams. He is on the EMC scammer list and scammed 400 gold out of HSHZ.

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