How to Add a Pre-made Sign to Your Skin

I use Miners Need Cool Shoes.

Note: Be careful on that site, just look at skins and edit your skin, don't wander off the page using external links. They could be malicious.

  1. First, load up your skin
    Step 01 Import your skin, then EMCL skin
  2. Next, import the sign (e.g. EMCL)
    Step 02 Import the EMCL skin
    Notice that the sign is in the Armor layer. To see the sign, make sure both the Armor layer and the Skin layers are checked (bottom right).
  3. Save the combined skin to your computer
    Step 03 Export the Combined Skins 1
    First find the "Export" button as shown above
  4. Then find the "Download to Computer" button
    Step 03 Export the Combined Skins 2
  5. Now you can upload your new skin to Minecraft
    Step 04 Change Your Skin
    Select the "Change Skin" button
  6. Log in and then upload your skin
    Step 05 Log in to Minecraft
    Log in to
  7. Select Steve or Alex skin model, then upload your skin from the computer
    Step 06 Select Skin Model Steve or Alex
  8. To remove the sign, just upload your original skin to
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