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Snowyy, or Snowyy4K, Snowzz_b, Snowyy_b was Chancellor of The First Polish Kingdom, but also King of Polish State and Szczecin's mayor. He is known for Polish player for Polish State's sale to Denmark, which caused an outrage and a betrayal of polishness. After this all, he moved to Niger to fight anyone for fun. He retired from EMC about 1 year later. Not only in Niger, he was also a Chancellor in Japan, along with his friends, for example FenZenyatta.



He joined at EarthMC in November 2018 and probably joined Szczecin.

Polish State

Snowyy was already a councillor of Szczecin but in March 2019, after Majoor_'s abdication, he became the official king of Polish State.

He sold this state to "protect Poland from invaders and get more fundings, etc.", for Danes for 1000 gold ingots. Most of poles, though, considered this as an act of betrayal, they raged and left Polish State for Pomerania or Intermarium. Snowyy got disappointed by that and he eventually sold that.


Later, he moved to Japan, and after that he emigrated to Niger. He retired one year later.