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Profile Information
Town hamburg(er)
Towny Rank councillor B)
Political Party
Religion epic gamerism
Discord snowy qt#0001
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 1st nov 2018 B)
Place of Spawn congo
Physical Information
Gender Helicopter Attack Helicopter
Blood Type
Status Information
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
a lot of nations B)


one of old emc players that registered on 1st november 2018. currently at nickname of snowhh lol.

got double banned on 6th february and 15th may but quickly got unbannned every single time B)


gdansk, warsaw, szczecin, ashikaga, shikara, obama, sussex, coolkids, agadem, alpha, mosul, wales, hamburg(er)

Important titles

almost always higly ranked B))))))))))))))))))))

Short history

he has started playing on 1st november of 2018 and after asking for a town he got into the town of gdansk being able to tp to europe. after that he left it and got to his friend bartek50b in order to help him create the town of warsaw. later the town of warsaw has been created and instantly got invited into it B). nothing much was happening in warsaw cos of it being pretty inactive and the only activity in it being him so he decided to left it for the town of szczecin ruled by his friends B). cos of that he has been removed from polish nation council lmao cos the king was biased af and didnt like it cos it was better than like 80% of polish

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cities including the capital bruh. he got councillor instantly after joining it since he was pretty much liked in that town. some time ago because of Mlecz the king of old poland being GAY, the majority part of poland decided to rebel and create the nation of pOLISH STATE. pretty much time after that he became the mayor of 400 CHUNK LARGE TOWN OF SZCZECIN (epic innit?). his rules were supposed to be only temporary but with the current king of poland announcing the elections he decided to ran onto them and surprisingly winning them with about 70% of support meaning he'll be the mayor of it until he loses the king. after like 50% of polish towns rebeled cos of being gay and manipulated by snow's opponent dymoslaw, he decided to go on war with them ended up denmark and britain (de iure) joining the war supporting snow's poland since one of rebel towns was bornholm and denmark always having claims on them & rebel nation attacking british citizens. later the alliance of four nation was created that was supposed to be temporary alliance against the nation of intermarium as it was the "source" of rebel towns bruv. with situation being very boring and intermariumfags claimhiding, snow decided to sell poland to denmark for 1000g making about 600g profit for him out of dying nation lmao. then he got the rank of prince in denmark +the chancellor B) meaning he's higly ranked. not so long after that the next nation of poland was created meaning denmark declaring war on it cos of infringement of claims. ended up denmark strongly fucking up poland although poland not surrendering besides being weak. in may his friend fenzenyatta decided to reborn the greatness of japanese nation, he decided to help him doing dis shit and instantly getting highly ranked in japan B). it was pretty boring now but one day the gay king yllalen that won prev elections decided to kick out snow from the council for TERRORISM on other nations meaning he just joined his friend's town of shikara and vibed in it since he could do anything he could without fear of kicking out of anything. later the nation of yakuza has been created by his friend alek meaning shikara becoming the capital of it. now it was epic he could kill anyone he ever wanted and he's gotten the chancellor rank and even councillor in shikara B). after that it was pretty boring cos he was only killing other players but lets swap to more interesting times which is when he decides to town jump and creation of alpha in nation of niger with alek_b it was epic tbh. on february 6th he got banned for dez fkin 5 warns but ended up getting unbanned in his 2nd appeal. he decided to leave alpha in order to create mosul and islamic state with skater (both of em were funded by him). and now he has became the rebel of spqr meaning they target him as much as they only can and him attacking them pretty much often. finally on 16th of may he got banned again for 5 warns but getting unbanned quickly after appealing 2 of his warns. now he's in his friend's - casper_cdog's town of hamburg(er) and the nation of britain B). THE END.. oh and also he was the factions player since like january until the closing of it and being in summerset, casper's private faction, oberhausen, gulag and olympia <3. rip factions

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