Sos-Kabylat was a small city-state in southeastern Svalbard.


Early History

Sos-Kablyat was founded shortly after FuzeIII brought a significant number of French players to the server, and the collapse of ancient Svalbard. It was founded over the ruins of the ancient fortress of Icemoor. The city grew rapidly, with the rapid French population increase raising the town's individual population to around 6.


Sos-Kablyat was warranted inactive by November 3, 2019, and was disbanded around a month later. 

Legacy and Redevelopment

Sos-Kablyat marked the largest French settlement on Svalbard (apart from a small house just east of Longyearbyen). In early January of 2020, plans were made by the government of Svalbard to redevelop the land into the city of Edge in late December of 2019, which has proven a national, instead of regional, project. But the plan has been halted after someone else made the town of Kantbyen, which has joined Svalbard since then.


Sos-Kabylat was located in south-eastern Svalbard, hugging the southern coast. The city itself was located at the top of the cliffs.

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