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The SouthAustralia is a french nation in Australia who has no objectives, founded in 27/07/2019 by jeanlepasroux.


Creation and origin.

Jeanlepasroux created Victoria (Now SouthAustralia) in 27/07/2019. Leroux, also called Jean I, made this nation prosper.

His successor is DeltaScorpior, the current Emperor of the nation.

1st war against the oz

1st part: origins

It all started when the current Emperor, DeltaScorpior (Alias ​​Alexander IV of Delta) came to power. Much like the kingdom, DeltaScorpior inherited the nation's debts, which he could not repay. Debts he owed of course ... to Oz. This was about 7 months ago.

2nd part: progress

The unfolding frankly was relatively slow. Big poses, little fighting, etc ...

Honestly, let's not dwell on it too much!

3rd part: end

The end of the war was quite tragic for South Australia and marks the second great period of the reign of Alexander IV.

After much negotiation, La oz and S.A. found common ground:

All of S.A.'s cities are moving to Oz. In exchange, the nation is not disbanded.

This is how it is to end this terrible war.

VICTORIA, aka the fake SouthAustralia

The nation named Victoria was created following the 1st Oz War by Draquest01. This nation base was supposed to replace SouthAustralia.

2-3 weeks after its creation, this new nation came into conflict with the Oz (and yes again and again!)

But the nation is holding on even today.

There came a day when Delta resurfaced, and he said that S.A. was going to rise from the ashes!

Most of the towns of Victoria Re (re) joined SouthAustralia.

In the meantime, Delta had acquired from the UOS alliance the right to bring S.A.

Following another war on the Oz, Oz and SouthAustralia negotiated peace and decided to merge into one nation: Oceania

You're going to take me for a crazy man, but DeltaScorpior and Fatal Sun have brought cities back to SouthAustralia. The Oz did not respect the coalition treaty between SouthAustralia and Oz so SouthAustralia is coming back in force and intends to write a new story.

After elections, FatalSun_Yt and DeltaScorpior have left the SouthAustralia Realm. Bichon20 took this nation and SouthAustralia is now an inactive country


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SaintSiege 308 4

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