The Union of South Africa is a nation in Southern Africa. South Africa is a Dominion of Britain and apart of the Commonwealth. The nation was created on January 3rd 2019 and then joined the British Commonwealth on the 6th of January


In Early January 2019, Governor General AngryRedcoat led several Redcoats down to the Cape of Good Hope, hoping to conquer the town. Angry ordered the men to split into two groups, one to surround the North, one for the South. They waited for several minutes for the time that the mayor usually came online. After about half an hour, one soldier entered the town to investigate, they discovered that the mayor had left the town to create a new town. Angry and exhausted, the Governor General returned to Pretoria.

So far, attempts at a British South Africa were unsuccessful until the 6th of January when South Africa became apart of the British Commonwealth and became the first Dominion of Britain. However AngryRedcoat was discovered to be an alt of SlyPrince and was banned, completely collapsing the first attempt at making South Africa.

South Africa was dormant, being banned, it had no influence on world affairs and minor inactivte people took over as leader


Borders and Regions

South Africa is split into four regions, these are;

  • Cape of Good Hope
  • Natal
  • Orange Free State
  • Transvaal

However in practice South Africa only owns one town, and has been unable to exercise influence upon the region.

Cities and Towns

Notable Individuals

  • GraceTheRooster
  • AngryRedcoat (formerly, banned, was SlyPrince)
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